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About Malaysia Hair Imports

Exceptional virgin hair sourced by our teams and collected from single human donors is our specialty. Whether it’s Cambodian Hair, Burmese Hair or Malaysian Hair that you’d like to see flowing down your back, resplendent and beautiful, Malaysia Hair Import will see to it that your wish comes true. Not only that, but we will provide you an extensive array of textures and colors for virgin hair extensions that measure anywhere between 12 and 32 inches.

As a US- Owned company headquartered in Bangkok Thailand , we can guarantee you that our extension strands are our own. They are collected ethically, shipped from our offices headquarters abroad  All this without any middle-men and without outsourcing, like so many other companies may do, because we understand the value and virtues of Cambodian Hair Burmese Hair Malaysian Hair.

Malaysia Hair Imports is a company that treasures ethical values and upholds its reputation as an importer of hair products of the highest grade. Our company caters to salons and boutiques the world over, all of which we’re thrilled to supply with Cambodian, Burmese and Malaysian hair of the finest quality at affordable prices. We care for our customers and we understand how important it is for them to be able to trust those who supply products that can enhance the beauty of their cherished hair.

We pride ourselves in sourcing our splendid virgin hair directly from donors in Malaysia, Cambodia and Burma. A wide spectrum of colors and textures is available to customers who wish to embellish their threads with hair that is free from synthetic fibers and of certified human origin. We stand by these glorious locks of hair from the moment the single donors offer them to us up until the moment they adorn your strands so sumptuously.

As you will undoubtedly be able to realize as soon as you touch our exquisite and rich locks, they are flawless in every sense of the word. They are sourced ethically from people who have cared for their diaphanous hair and strived for healthy lifestyles that can sustain such magnificent fibers. Their care has infused these locks with vibrancy all of its own, and our pieces comply with the most exacting beauty standards our customers may have.

We continue to care for these pieces as we prepare them for you. The cuticles are aligned perfectly and inspected for fallen threads of hair. After delousing and cleaning them organically, our experienced staff proceeds to sanitize and inspect the pieces thoroughly. We don’t practice any of the industry practices our competitors may use, such as bleaching, de-scaling, removing cuticle layers, using glue, or compromising the integrity or the longevity in any way. We strive to enhance the intrinsic virtues of virgin human hair simply by preserving it responsibly.

We’re there to see to it that the hair is handled gently every step of the way. Our staff is involved in tending to these delicate fibers from collection to delivery. All our wefts are produced by precision machinery and they are reinforced to create a long-lasting, high-quality ensemble. The underside, or beard, is trimmed for a discreet yet strong foundation for your extensions. When we are satisfied with the strength and density of the final product, then and only then do we send it to you. Lastly, we present them to you in a package that exudes style and charm, for a service you’ll never forget.

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