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100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

Our Remy Hair Extensions are sourced from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma, we do not claim to have, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Egyptian hair, Filipino hair, Russian hair, Mongolian hair or any other exotic names that you may have heard of.

We have vigorously tested all variants of hair from these countries for color, texture, health, flexibility, and vitality and have concluded the hair to be inferior to the hair we use from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, And Burma.

Today we will discuss this in more detail on our hair blog.

We can custom make any of our products to your liking by density, grams, or color without causing any damage to the hair.

Also, have various unique fixing solutions from semi-permanent clip-ins to tape-ins and temporary/instant fixing solutions to suit your requirements.

Wholesale Hair

100% Wholesale Hair Vendors

All our 100% Human Virgin Remy Hair is available at wholesale prices. We are a turnkey solutions company manufacturing all Hair products using ours in house state of the art custom Machines.

Our personnel is highly trained and extremely efficient, which allows us to manufacture our Cambodian, Malaysian, Thai, and Burmese virgin hair.

We do advise you to conduct extensive research as the hair industry is oversaturated with imitation wholesale companies who are quite often resellers using drop-shipping via AliExpress and Alibaba.

At Malaysia Hair Imports we can guarantee the quality of all our products due to our strict Quality Control guidelines and procedures from source to final manufactured product.

Please Contact Us now obligation free, so we may discuss how we can help your hair business grow.

100% Virgin Human Hair

Remy Hair Quality

100% Human Hair

All of our hair products are manufactured using 100% Human Remy Hair collected from single drawn hair donors with the cuticles fully intact.

We cultivate all the hair strands and align them meticulously to follow their natural growth direction before manufacturing our Hair Products.

This detailed process maintains the natural texture, pattern and direction of the individual hair strands enabling us to create a far superior, longer-lasting product.

Remy Hair can last well over a year with the proper care and attention.

Understand that many of our clients are keen to color their hair and because of this we strongly recommend that you seek professional stylist or coloring guidance before attempting this.
Have vast experience in successfully coloring hair and are more than happy to advise you on the steps required to achieve this, (for example changing the color from a 1B to Blonde).

About Us

100% Virgin Human Hair

100% Virgin Remy Hair Factory 


Malaysia Hair imports are a direct, B2B, and B2C manufacturer of 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions.

U.S Treaty of Amity owned company operating hair factory and company in Bangkok Thailand with more than 9 years of experience and expertise.

We are constantly expanding and currently have retail stores conveniently located for you in Bangkok, and Pattaya Thailand.

We Ship Worldwide, retail, and wholesale hair extensions and hair wigs with the best 100% human hair quality.

Please feel free to visit our Retail Hair and Salon Stores so that you may try on and check the hair quality and hairstyles used in our wide range of 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions.

We have private rooms situated in all our retail and salon stores where our “Hair Stylists” and “Technicians” are on standby to advise you on personalized solutions for any hair loss, medical or fashion hair issues, or concerns you may have.

Our website features many of our 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions products that we manufacture.

Our Hair is only sourced ethically from a single donor in the nearby country of Cambodia, Malaysia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam to make you the #1 100% Human Hair Extension and wigs.


Simply click on the Contact form below to get in touch with us.

(Malaysia Hair 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions)


Our friendly admin and sales staff are fluent in both English and Thai and are available to assist with any inquiries you have via Email, Phone, or Live Chat.

At Malaysia Hair Imports, we are extremely particular in selecting the single donor raw Remy hair used to manufacture our products and therefore only use the best Asian Human Hair sourced directly from Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia & Burma to manufacture our 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions.

Research has proven that these countries have superior quality Remy Hair.

Contact us now to find out more about our 100% Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions.


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