Hair Factory

Hair Factory

We Are A 100% Human Remy Hair Factory.

Malaysia Hair Imports is a direct 100% Human Remy Hair factory that prides itself with a state of the art facility. We are very different from other hair factory or people calming they are a source of our human hair factory.

The hair industry today is very oversaturated with fake companies claiming they sell 100% human hair. So it can be tough to find (who’s who’s) that is telling the hair truth and the company not telling the truth.

Most Hair companies will advertise and tell you anything to get a sale. At Malaysia Hair Imports we pride our selves to be a very different hair company and hair factory. We stand out from all the other hair company as we don’t want just a sales transaction we want to build a partnership relationship and a great hair vendor relationship, that’s why our company is built on integrity and loyalty not to deceive or send, make a bad hair product.

Hair Factory

The reality is there not many 100% human Remy hair factories worldwide.

We are the only 100% virgin human Remy hair factory in Bangkok Thailand, everybody can say they are a hair factory or source but the sad truth 99%  buy and dropship from Aliexpress, Alibaba so please do your scholarly research on the hair companies.

Our Hair Is 100% Remy Virgin Hair

“We Guaranty 100% human Remy Hair, from the origins of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Burma. We stand by all of our hair products.”

We make and manufacture all of our hair products with real 100% Remy Hair, the phrase “Remy Hair” has become more and more of a marketing tool to sell you anything but 100% human hair. With every supplier and online shops claiming that their hair is Remy, how do you know? At Malaysia Hair Imports, we have done a lot of research on all of the competitor hair company’s and hair products that we use to help new and established businesses in the industry determine the claims and authenticity of the human hair they had purchased from other hair sellers and vendors.

Unfortunately, there is no government regulation to make hair extension suppliers tell the truth about their hair company or hair products that there selling online and in hair and beauty shops.

China and Indian hair company’s use a grading system to category their mix of hair. China, India and most of the online company today will grade their hair quality and use the percent of non-Remy hair that is mixed with synthetic fibers, they use temple fallen hair because its the cheapest the worst quality hair to purchase at the Indian hair industry auction after been sitting on the temple floors for days and mixed with everything you can imagine, India is not the cleanest place in the world that’s my opinion, so be careful of hair lice , nits and parasites that live and grow in temple hair, its not regulated by any health, government body.

We learned and mastered 100% human Remy hair over the years there are two key elements necessary to achieve the best hair products.

First is choosing the healthiest, cleanest raw 100% virgin human hair ponytails we can source.
Second is how the hair is made into finished hair extensions.
Malaysia Hair Imports takes over 50 steps from beginning to end for making raw virgin hair into finished hair extensions and wigs each main phase of production requires our quality control to ensure the best quality results.

The following is a brief explanation of Malaysia Hair Imports production phases, some of the inspection parameters and an example of one quality control test we do to all of our raw hair we source and before making a finished hair product to be sold to the open market. We purchase natural Raw hair from a single donor that is collected by us and then brought to our factory in Bangkok, Thailand. Before we make a selection, we inspect the hair based on the following:


Inspection Characteristics:

Remy Hair fibers coarseness.
Roots aligned at the top and all cuticles running in the same direction facing downwards to the tip – indicating Remy hair Not fallen hair
Presence of a lot of gray hairs or if hair been colored or treated.
Hair is smooth and healthy with even natural color, and full natural taper ends.
Inspect for hair Lice, Nit and Parasites check.
This indicated the natural state of human hair as it grows from the scalp. Once these parameters have been determined, we make a selection.

Quality Control Test
Dry Tangle Test: If non-Remy hair is suspected, a quick but effective test on hair strands are performed to see what direction the cuticles are running. The analysis is performed using the friction between fingers as cuticle scale edges will “catch” on the skin and will climb towards roots.


All the raw Remy hair that made Malaysia Hair Imports selection is washed, wet tangle tested, dried and then sorted into varying groups by texture, length, natural color, and lusters.

Inspection Parameters:

1. Wet tangle testing,
2. Separating hairs that have too much excessive split ends and frizz
3. Selecting healthiest and strongest hair for custom colors like light blonds.

Quality Control Test:

How can you measure if hair will bleach from dark brown to platinum blond without total damage to cuticle layers?

A micrometer is used to measure the denier of the hair strands to make sure it falls into the acceptable measurements of 48-55 microns at the point of 10″ from roots. If the hair is too fine or too coarse, it cannot be used for making custom colors like light blond colors.

Hackling or Blending
Single donor batch of hair, per length and per texture may contain 120-150 grams of hair that are hackled and blended to get the uniformity and short hair out.


Hair Factory Inspection Parameters:

Donor’s hair is all different so the outcome may result in bundles that are lighter, darker, and different luster.
The hair bundle is colored and lustered checked for acceptable variations and separated.
Then equally blended together using a hackle and hand technique to ensure blend equality and quality.
Quality Control Test:
How do you test for color matching and luster?

A master swatch of all our hair colors and used for making production swatch sets, we have found indirect sunlight to be the best light for comparing hair bundles. We check vertically and horizontally to account for light reflection. The roots, middle and ends are compared allowing no more than 1/4 shade differential. Every single hair bundle is checked for its natural color equality that the hair has not been colored before.

After hackling and blending the hair strands shift up and down, so now we must align the roots so they are flush to the top. This is done by hand using drawing cards to hold the hair.

Inspection Parameters: of the Cambodian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Burmese

Hair Origins and Textures

Natural: Straight, Wavy, Deep Wavy. Kinky and Curly hair measurements are rechecked for:

Curl density
Short hairs lengths
Root alignment
Quality Control Test:

How do you measure the different textures of hair?

All of Our Remy Hair has 100% cuticle and aligned, the difference in texture and lusters.

Cambodian hair is naturally thick blends the best with black lady’s, Malaysian hair blends well with white and Asian, Burmese raw hair will mix very well with all nationality We take out, even more, shorter hair for light blonds.

Our hair is single drawn, so we make sure there are no shorter hairs less than 6-10″ depending upon finished length.

Curly hair is also single drawn as the shorter lengths are needed for the curls, curl density must have a curl pattern of 2″ or less along length and measure 1″ past finished length when stretched out.

All of these measurements help maintain consistent results that our customers expect when ordering these types of hair.

Making The Hair Extensions

Now its time to assign the loose bulk hair for making into extensions, each bundle is rechecked for tangles, color matching, hair length, and textured finish and finally washed, applied with a natural coconut treatment. Now the hair bundles are weighed and separated into final extension bundle weight as we make the hair extension bundles by 110 grams weight and not by the number of strands. For example, light blond hair weighs less than dark brown hair, so the volume of blond bundles will be larger than the amount of darker hair colors.

Inspection of the Hair Parameters:

Final Wet Tangle test, natural color matching, hair quality check, wet combing, dry brushing, removal of discolored or grey hairs. The hair must not have to snag when running fingers from top to bottom, no breakage when wet or dry, no wet hairs snapping upwards or stretching, no hairs are crinkled and frizzing, no split ends.

Hair Quality Control Test:

How do we perform Wet Tangle Testing?

The most common form of tangling occurs when the roots and ends are accidentally mixed up with each other. This is what is called Non-Remy hair that cannot be fixed without harsh acid treatment to remove most of the cuticle layers. This tangling happens because the edges of the cuticles are now catching on each other rather than laying down smoothly like fish scales. Since the human error can occur in production, we perform this test every time the hair is handled.

Using a shampoo, we mimic what happens to the hair when washed in the shower or shampoo bowl. The bundles are held by the roots and vigorously rinsed through the bath by swishing the hair back and forth. Then the hair is dipped into a water bath with rinsed in the same manner. If cuticles have accidentally been turned around with roots and end now at opposite ends, the hair will start to climb up each other creating a tangled knot near the roots that will not come out even with brushing and conditioner.

This is some of a few steps we do I we mention before we take pride in every step to ensure we have a top quality hair product.

Can you Visit Malaysia Hair Imports Factory?

Our factory is open to our hair wholesaler’s, hair vendors and hair clients with a history doing business with our company, by appointment only no acceptations all picture and video must be approved by the director of Malaysia Hair Imports exports Co LTD in our factory, retail locations, and showrooms.

Our showroom is open to the public in Bangkok Thailand no appointment needed for private viewing, please make an appointment if you have any questions please see hair extensions FAQ or contact us.