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Personnel at Malaysia Hair Imports are constantly asked what’s the difference between Malaysia Hair Imports premium hair extensions and Aliexpress hair. The answer is Malaysia Hair Imports virgin hair extensions are 100% and AliExpress hair is manufactured hair. Malaysia Hair Imports doesn’t only carry 100% hair extensions but we educate our clients/customers as well. Please view . Click on all the links to educate yourself.

AliExpress has over 38,000 vendors. Each vendor carries everyone’s big three; Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair. They also carry many other made up hair extensions. Contrary to belief Brazilian and Peruvian hair doesn’t exist.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1.How is the virgin hair sourced?

2.How much does the vendor pay donors for their virgin hair?

3.How much does it cost to ship the virgin hair from South America to China?

4.How much does it cost to weft, mix, sanitize and etc virgin hair?

5.Can the population of Brazilian/Peruvian women supply the world with 100% virgin hair?

After asking yourself those questions do you honestly believe 100% virgin hair cost $20.00 to $50.00 retail? Do you believe its possible for everyone to obtain virgin hair extensions from foreign countries so easily? Why are you speaking with an Asian about Brazilian/Peruvian virgin hair? The list goes on and on. Therefore when you spend your hard earn money on so called 100% virgin hair extensions and it doesn’t last past a few washes, you cant blame virgin hair company x, you can only blame yourself.

Fortunately Malaysia Hair Imports have you covered with premium hair extensions directly from the source. Malaysia Hair Imports Burmese, Cambodian and Malaysian hair extensions are sourced in Burma, Cambodia and Malaysia. For more information visit Malaysia Hair Imports webpage For the origins of our premium virgin hair click on the following links:

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