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Arjuni Hair


Arjuni hair was the most expensive Cambodian Hair Extensions on the hair industry market, Arjuni hair was just like Malaysia Hair Imports which sourced there Cambodian Hair, cut, cleaned and weft in their own brand of extensions.

Arjuni Business model was to help local workers and develop marketable skills. Ms. Wilson the owner of Arjuni provided her employees with free English, computer and math classes. A third of workers come from troubled situations like sex trafficking or spousal abuse but her staff turnover hurt her hair business.

Cambodian Hair

Ms. Wilson acknowledged that she and her staff members were extremely ambitious at the outset, “trying to do everything at once — collection, fabrication, and distribution.” But they have not been able to keep up the hair industry pace as the company grew. The much different model then Malaysia Hair imports we keep are Cambodian Hair products at an affordable price because our overhead is lower in a bigger city in the country of Bangkok Thailand where the local employee is more educated and modernized.

In the spring, Arjuni hair company went out of Business and Malaysia Hair imports have redeemed and serviced most of Arjuni loyal customers, Malaysia Hair Import has outgrown its competitors to be Asia Number 1 Virgin Cambodian Hair factory worldwide.