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Best Human Hair

Many companies in the hair extensions business have their advantages and disadvantages. Most potential clients who contact Malaysia Hair Imports via phone, email and social media finds our customer service is second to none. Whether you are new to the business, a researching machine or an experienced hair connoisseur Malaysia Hair Imports have you covered. Malaysia Hair Imports want you to know that we care about your success and we stand behind your business

For newcomers the level of customer service you will receive is nothing less than a graduate education on hair. You will learn the truth about human hair, where hair extension originates, difference between processed/ unprocessed hair, how to get your business off the ground, Malaysia Hair Imports price lists, how to deal with any objections and etc. Many newcomers fear of starting their own business is overcome with product knowledge and information given by Malaysia Hair Imports knowledgeable staff. All questions are answered and our staff believes there are no dumb questions except for questions never asked. We want you to be confident in yourself, your business and very successful. The only want you can do that is to educate yourself and we are very transparent with you as doubts turn to confidence! We want you to know that we just don’t sell hair we give you the knowledge and know how on how to run a successful hair business.

For researching machines who’s spend hours, days, months and years looking for a hair extensions vendors who will supply them with the highest quality of hair you are covered as well. With our rankings and ratings on Google shows that Malaysia Hair Imports is one of the top suppliers of human hair. The content of information is second to none. We provide knowledge other vendors aren’t willing to tell you. We want you to know that Malaysia Hair Imports is as transparent as our products. With our staff’s vast knowledge of hair extensions, we are able to answer the questions you have asked other vendors but no one cared to answer or gave you a bogus answer and or provide you with all the information you need through our website When it comes to the virgin hair business there’s nothing to hide. For example, walk into any virgin hair company and ask where their hair comes from? Who is your source of hair? Simple right? Wrong for most virgin hair stores because they know their hair is processed. Real virgin hair companies will tell you. Malaysia Hair Imports where do you get your hair? Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Malaysia. The source of our hair is from the countries of origin and to be more specific donors from the villages who are well paid for their hair. There’s no reason to be secretive yet most of them are because they are scared you will be better than them!

For experts who can look at pictures, photos, and videos and tell the difference between process and unprocessed hair we salute you. There’s almost nothing better than listening to someone as passionate and knowledgeable about hair as we are except for someone willing to learn. To listen to what’s being stated; hearing what you thought was right but needed validation and excitement you have over the phone is nothing short of nostalgia. All that you need to know a like our newcomers and researching machines is that we care and we are trustworthy. Afterwards your ready to embark on a journey with a company that will stand behind you and have simply the finest hair extensions available on the market!

Please know Malaysia Hair Imports is passionate about our products. We know their are different level of customers and we want to ensure that each of are left with knowledge moving forward after you have spoken to one of our staff. Know that Malaysia Hair Imports stand behind you our product and we are here to serve you.

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