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Brazilian Hair:

Brazilian hair extensions are the most popular name brand extensions on the market. Every beauty supply store is stocked with different name brand Brazilian/Peruvian hair extensions and almost 90% of all virgin hair stores carry Brazilian Peruvian hair. The question Malaysia Hair Imports personnel is constantly asked is, “why doesn’t Malaysia Hair Imports carry Brazilian/Peruvian hair extensions?” Our answer is Brazilian/Peruvian hair extensions don’t exist.

Brazilians and Peruvians do not cut their hair for religious or to make money purposes. Unlike Indians who migrate to the temples to have their head of hair shaved for their vanity GOD, Brazilians and Peruvians do not practice the same religion. Although most of the people in Brazil and Peru aren’t wealthy they are not cutting their hair to make money for their family. Other factors that come into to play would be the following:

  • 1.Why would some of the most gorgeous women in the world who are known for this looks cut their hair?
  • 2.If every Chinese vendor, beauty supply and virgin hair store stocks Brazilian/Peruvian hair extensions then how is it being sourced on that scale?
  • 3.How much are the donors being paid for the precious hair?
  • 4.How much does it cost to ship the hair from South America to China and from China internationally plus make a profit for the individual company?
  • 5.How much is the factory operating expenses?
  • 6.How can China charge $22.00 to $80 (depending on the Chinese vendor majority of the virgin hair stores uses) and its real virgin hair?
  • 7.How can Chinese vendors give you free shipping? That goes back to operating expenses.
  • 8.If it was real virgin hair then why does it only last in most cases 1 month?
  • 9.Does Brazilian/Peruvian hair really smell like corn chips and ammonia?

Simply put Brazilian/Peruvian hair extensions are not real. Those countries do not even have an export import market for hair. Do your research and you will see why

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