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Burmese Hair 

What is Burmese Hair

Burmese hair is one of the most highly sought after types of hair used in hair extensions because it is highly versatile and is extremely shiny. Its natural health and the textured strands are able to be turned into almost every trendy hairstyle and are a perfect hit for just about everybody. They are a favorite among celebrities but it is much more rare and exotic then other types of hair. For this reason it does tend to be more expensive, but it is worth the few extra dollars as it is truly a beautiful type of hair to use in extensions.


Our Malaysian Hair Import Burmese virgin hair is 100% human hair. We take great pride in sourcing it directly from our donors in Burma. Due to the fact that the donors eat a diet high in vitamins the hair is extremely strong and it is very shiny with a healthy luster. You will not find any frayed ends or split ends in the hair bundles that we offer you. Our Burmese hair bundles are made of only the most high quality strands and we take great pride in providing full natural bundles to our customers.


Burmese hair also has a long lifespan because it is so resilient and healthy. You can wash, shampoo, cut, and color it just like you would your own hair although we do suggest that you consult a professional stylist for coloring help. When taken care of properly it will easily last for months although you will have to remove it and reinstall it since natural hair growth will cause it to slump down in your hair some. This is a small task for an extension that lasts as long as Burmese virgin hair does.


The texture of Burmese hair is a mixture between Indian and Chinese hair and therefore is a great match for those that already have coarse natural textured hair. This coarse texture allows it to be the perfect fit for many trendy styles. It can be worn in a wavy pattern or it can be flat ironed and straightened so that it is sleek and straight. The charm of Burmese hair is that you can style it into any trendy look and then wet it. After it is wet it will return back to its natural wave and you can wear it that way or style it once again.


Burmese hair is a great choice for those who want a balanced textured hair. It is known for being much more durable and long lasting then Indian hair but at the same time remains a lightweight choice. It is extremely exotic which makes it a very trendy choice for those that follow the hair extension market. In general it is an off black color to a dark brown color as there are different variations in natural hair. Invest in Burmese hair if you want a high quality set of hair extensions that will stand the test of time.