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Cambodia Remy:

With so many types of hair extensions and wigs in the market, it is such a daunting task to distinguish one type of extension from the other. The popularity of hair extensions and wigs has expanded widely and so is the number of manufacturers in the market. Cambodia remy hair forms a part of these new accessories that every woman out there is talking about.

There are a myriad of remy hair extensions online and therefore you can never run short of the options to choose from. Your likes and preferences will dictate what you will wear. No matter how different these remy hair extensions may be from one another, they all boil into one thing; they are made from real human hair and are therefore more valuable than synthetic extensions. In order to get the best remy hair, it is imperative that you buy an extension that is 100% human hair and is single drawn-collected from one donor. Double drawn refers to hair collected from two donors.

Your ideal Cambodia hair extension should be single drawn and not double drawn. With a single drawn extension, the cuticles that normally make hair strong and give them their natural look are aligned and face one direction. They are therefore the best for weaving hairstyles. On the other hand, double drawn extensions have disjointed cuticles. This results in matting, shedding and tangling.

There are various defining features of Cambodia hair.Often-times they are confused with Mongolian hair since they are similar to one another. Cambodia extensions are straight in texture and never come in wavy or curly textures. They are ideal for wearing straight styles.Even when wet they never get curly or wavy pattern. If you are tired of the wavy or curly look in your hairstyle then this is the perfect hair wig for you.On the other hand, Mongolian hair extensions are basically acquired from the Mongolian people native to China and Russia.It is thin, light, silky, and very soft. They also curl lightly and move more when compared to other remy hairs.

Some other types of remy hair extensions in the market include the Brazilian, Malaysian, Russian, Eurasian, Burmese, Peruvian, Indian, and many others. One thing to note however is the fact that not all the remy hair extensions come from their country of origin. This does not mean that it is not genuine. Human hair is bought and sold all over the world and therefore it can come from anywhere in the world.

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