Cambodian Hair

 Cambodian Hair 

If you are looking to create flowing and voluminous hair for yourself then you ought to check out our hair quality selection of Cambodian hair extensions at Malaysia Hair Imports. We sell 100% virgin human hair so you can rest assured that there will not be any synthetic fibers in the bundles. Due to the fact that all of our Cambodian hair is ethically collected from human donors, it has a long lifespan and is carefully sourced so that only the most luscious and healthy strands are chosen. Our donors all eat healthy diets that lead to vitamin rich radiant hair.


Cambodian hair is long and has a natural wavy flow to it. It is extremely luscious, but at the same time is very lightweight allowing you to insert it into your hair and forget about it. Whether you sew it in, weave it in, or loop the hair extensions in you will likely forget they are there within just a few days. Adding to the charm of Cambodian hair extensions is the fact that they are highly durable so you don’t have to worry about damaging your new locks so long as you treat them properly.


Our virgin hair extensions can be treated just like your own hair making them even easier to incorporate into your style. Once you have installed them you can wash, shampoo, cut, and color them just like you would your own hair. This makes it easy to care for them. You can also style them into any trendy hairstyle that you like. You can straighten them, curl them, weave them, or do whatever else you like. At the end of the day when you wet your hair they will return to their natural texture so that you can start over again.


All of our high quality Cambodian hair extensions come in lengths that measure between 12 and 26 inches. This allows you to easily play with the lengths to get the exact length and full volume hair that you are after. Most people find that mixing our Cambodian hair extension is a great way to supplement their own hair so that they can create trendy hairstyles that will turn heads. Celebrities regularly use hair extensions to do the same and it is why their hair always looks so full and luscious. With Cambodian hair extensions your hair can look the same as well.


The texture of Cambodian hair is naturally a no fuss texture and therefore it is very easy to maintain without much effort. All of the extensions are matte and tangle free so you will not have to worry about dealing with a mess in the morning if you choose our high quality hair products. Enjoy your hair and get the trendy hairstyles that you have always wanted with prime Cambodian hair extensions. With this great hair you can be as creative as you want!