Coloring Hair Extensions

Coloring Hair Extensions:

Virgin hair extensions are a great convenience for women who are looking for a longer style or those who desire to look stunning. We all want to understand how to work with these extensions, and one major question that most ladies ask is whether or not they can color their virgin hair extensions. Human hair extensions can be successfully colored with regular hair color. Going from black to blonde to ombre, coloring your virgin hair extension can give you an entirely new look without the hassle of having to purchase new hair with a different color now and then.

Virgin hair extensions are made from human hair and can be colored by oneself or taken to a professional colorist.

Here are tips on coloring your virgin hair extension

If you are coloring your hair for the first time, it is highly recommended to have it done by a professional.

It is important to keep your skin color in mind when you are considering coloring your hair extension.


When coloring your hair extension, strand testing is vital, for the safety of your hair extension. The strand test confirms whether or not the coloring process can damage your hair extension. You must prepare the hair color as per the directions and then apply to a small portion of the hair extension for testing. Allow several hours preferably 24 hour to see the effect and then color the rest of the hair.

Lightening and darkening effect

It is actually more difficult and risky to lighten your hair extension than darkening. Lightening requires bleaching that can sometimes damage your hair extension. Instead of bleaching your virgin hair extension, you can directly dye the darker to your desired color although it sometimes leaves a dark shade tint and will require you to re-do the coloring again to remove the dark shades. Ensure that you space out the re-coloring intervals to a few days.

Coloring your virgin hair extensions is much like coloring your natural hair and a lot of care must be taken to protect the extension from harsh chemical agents.

What do you need?

· Hair Color

· Gloves

· Developer

· Comb

· Towel

Things to consider when coloring your hair extension:

If you wish to color your hair extensions darker, you can just buy a box color, or buy the regular hair dye and developer separately.

If you wish to color your hair extensions lighter, then you need to obtain a stronger developer depending your desired shade.

Make sure that your virgin hair extension is clean and dry. Mix the hair color with the developer and starting with the strand test, color the hair extension to your desired color.

Make sure that you coat every hair strand with the hair color and lay the hair extension on a towel. Follow the hair color directions for you to determine how long you need to wait before washing the dye out.

It is best to use cold water to wash out the hair extension. Apply hair conditioner and comb the hair extension. Do not rub your extension together vigorously and run water on it and use your fingers to detangle. Ensure that the hair color is completely out and that the water is running clear. Drying the extension naturally is more recommended before styling or wearing it.

Always ensure that you use high-quality virgin hair extensions.