Wholesale Hair Financing

Wholesale Hair Financing 

Malaysia Hair Imports Wholesale Financing: 


  1. Instant Approval. Based on your answers to four simple questions, Behalf can extend you up to $50,000 in purchasing power.
  2. Buy What You Need. We can work with almost any of your Vendors, whether you’re buying inventory, accounting services or something else for your business.
  3. Choose Your Terms. When we give you a purchasing line, we’ll also assign you a debit period between 30-180 days. Design your own debit schedule, based on your incoming revenue, and we’ll price out your Advance Fees based on what you select.


Businesses use us for a variety of reasons, but some of the most popular include:

  • You need financing terms, but your Vendor doesn’t offer them.
  • Your Vendor’s terms are too expensive, too low, or too short.
  • You need a little breathing room with your cash flow.



  • Behalf only charges you fees on the options you use. So, while we might give you access to up to $50,000 for up to 180 days, you’ll only be charged fees for the terms you choose.
  • Behalf also works with big and small business alike. We have no requirements for time in business or annual revenue.
  • As you make more purchases with Behalf, we often increase your purchasing power.
  • We report back to the business credit bureaus, helping you improve your overall business credit.