Cranial Prosthesis Wigs

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Malaysia Hair Imports Custom makes medical prosthetic wigs for those with a desire for 100% human hair that is highly realistic and beautifully hand crafted wigs. For medical patients or those with hair loss issues, we can help restore your confidence with a wig that blends naturally with your scalp and hairline. Our scalp prosthesis materials are expertly matched to your skin tone and created with comfort in mind.


Cranial Prosthesis


Cranial Prosthesis (WIGS): Are the latest development in hair replacement units. It is a medical term used to describe a hair system designed specifically for those suffering from long term or permanent hair loss due to a medical condition such as chemotherapy, alopecia, Trichotillomania, or other medical conditions. Cranial prostheses can be full or partial and must be clearly identified as a full or partial cranial prosthesis on an invoice or a prescription from a physician in order to claim insurance benefits.

Unlike our beautifully designed stock lace wig units, each prosthetic is custom made to fit your head only. They differ in quality, performance, and service. Prosthetic are made of specialized material. They are designed to meet the specific needs of any someone suffering from hair loss. These wigs are form-fitted to become part of you and designed to be styled as if it were your own hair. The wigs are made to look and feel natural – no one will know it is a wig. They are made with 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair and can be parted anywhere throughout the unit to give you that natural scalp appearance.

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100% Sterilized Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are medical safe and will be softer to the touch and feel more natural, because… they’re real hair! Human Hair wigs are terrific for day-to-day use, can be styled much like your natural hair and can even be dyed or highlighted.