Cranial Prosthesis Insurance Coverage

Cranial Prosthesis Insurance Coverage

Cranial Prosthesis May Be Covered by Your Health Insurance Company


Getting Your Health Insurance to Cover the Cost of Your Unit
When you lose your hair due to medical reasons such aa chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, or other medical conditions when requesting a prescription from your physician, the full “full cranial prosthesis” can be covered under most medical insurance policies. Our staff will contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage for your cranial prosthesis.
Most insurance companies will cover between 80-100% cost for your full cranial prosthesis.
Please make sure you request a “full cranial prosthesis”.This is when you require a cranial prosthesis due to permanent hair loss or hair loss during chemotherapy or alopecia treatment, you may be eligible to receive full or partial coverage to purchase the full cranial prosthesis by your health insurance company.
Your hair prosthesis may also be a tax deductible medical expense.
Steps to Follow
1. We will contact your Health Insurance Provider and check the coverage on your policy. If your policy covers a “full cranial prosthesis” for medical hair loss you may obtain payment for the full cranial prosthesis. IMPORTANT: We DO NOT process insurance claims or accept prescriptions. 
Some insurance companies will require you to pay upfront and then be reimbursed, others will pay for your prosthesis upfront.
2.  We can help to complete any other insurance forms but the customer will need to ensure they are signed by your physician.
3. The customer will need to request your physician to write a prescription for a “full cranial prosthesis” not a wig. Ask your physician to also write a letter explaining hair loss and its effects and have him/her state that it is not simply for cosmetic reasons but for emotional well being as well.
4.  Keep copies of all of your documentation and invoices for tax exempt purposes. Portions of unpaid items by insurance are tax may be tax deductible. We can help you to follow the instructions that you were given by your health insurance provider to submit the prescription so that you can obtain payment.
5.  We will provide you with a receipt for the Cranial Prosthesis and make sure to send the sales receipt for a Cranial Prosthesis to your insurance company, along with your completed insurance form. Again you will have to have it signed by your physician for full document completion.

Steps You Should Take


  • FIRST: Obtain a prescription for a cranial prosthesis from your doctor.
  • SECOND: Call your insurance company and ask if they reimburse for cranial prosthesis. Do not use the term, “wig.” A wig is a fashion item and is therefore not medically necessary.
  • THIRD: Call us no-obligation complimentary consultation. We will get you set up with a customized wig that looks so much like your real hair, no one will know it’s a wig unless you choose to tell them – 800-567-1174 or email at

We issue detailed receipts complete with medical coding. This receipt is then sent to the insurance company. Often our clients are reimbursed for the entire cost of their wig.

Soon thereafter you will get a check from your insurance company. It’s as simple as that!