Cranial Prosthesis Wig Grants

Malaysia Hair Imports can also help you to apply for a Grant or Voucher to Cover your Full Cranial Prosthesis
The National Alopecia Areata Foundation
NAAF has established the Ascot Fund. This special pre-purchase program provides financial assistance toward the purchase of a hairpiece to individuals who have alopecia areata and are struggling financially. To find out if you qualify, please contact us the American Cancer Society.
American Cancer Society has a program available to those who qualify to assist you in purchasing a wig. If your insurance does not cover the full cost of your wig or only covers partial cost of your wig, you may quality for an allotment through the American Cancer Society.
The American Cancer Society will issue you a voucher up to $75 to help cover the cost of your wig.You must meet certain financial guidelines.You must apply for this voucher before you purchase a wig. It will not be awarded for pre-made purchases. To inquire about getting financial assistance for your wig purchase, please contact:
American Cancer Society
Call 1-800-227-2345
Ask to Speak to Someone regarding Financial Assistance for a Wig Purchase.

 American Cancer Society

  • Apply for a Grant or Voucher up to $75 to cover your Cranial Hair Prosthesis (must apply before purchasing a wig)
  • Apply for an allotment to cover the rest of the cost if your insurance company only covers a partial amount.
  • Financial Assistance for a Wig Purchase: 1-800-227-2345
Due to the differences in every individual’s insurance policy, this may not work for everyone. This guideline is just for you to reference and to show you how to research if your insurance company covers “Cranial Hair Prosthesis” or something similar. Make sure you review and understand the procedures outlined by your insurance policy as they may differ between carriers. Keep copies of all documentation including the receipt/invoice for your Cranial Hair Prosthesis (may even be a  tax deductible medical expense).


Pre-purchase program provides financial assistance to those who qualify for NAAF
(National Alopecia Areata Foundation)
The National Alopecia Areata Foundation offers a grant to help financially disadvantaged clients receive a cranial prosthesis at no cost. To be eligible to receive a financial grant from NAAF, you will need to meet the following qualifications.
1. Be financially disadvantaged & cannot afford a cranial prosthesis without financial assistance.
2. Have been diagnosed by a medical doctor to alopecia areata.
3. Have not received a grant from NAAF within the past 12 months.