Cranial Prosthesis Wig Maintenance


Q: How long will my wig last?

A: Our 100% Human Hair the lifetime of your wig/hair piece depends on how you care for it, the heating implements you use, and the products you choose to use. The more wear and tear you put on your wig the shorter the lifespan will be. Avoid using excessive heat on your hair. If you choose to use heating implements, we suggest using a low setting so you don’t burn the hair. Always use sulfate free products on your wig. It’s also important to oil the wig after washing to prevent the hair from becoming overly dry.


Q: Will wind or high impact movement cause my wig to fall off?
A: If your wig is custom built to fit your head measurements, it should feel snug enough for you to perform various activities with ease and comfort. If your wig isn’t a snug fit, you can reinforce your wig with double sided tape, glue or clips if you feel you need the added security.


Q: What types of activities can I do in my wig?
A: You can exercise, dance, hike, play sports, run, and even sleep in your wig. Just keep in mind that the more wear and tear you put on your wig the shorter it’s life span will be.


Q: How does my wig stay secure?
A: A custom wig is tailor made to fit your head measurements that way it will feel secure on your head. If your wig feels too lose, try using toupee tape, glue, or clips for added security.


Q: What types of products should I use?
A: Use products that are professional grade or salon quality. Always look for products that are sulfate free. The better quality products you use on your hair the longer your hair will last. We also suggest putting a light weight oil in your wig after washing. This process helps restore moisture back into your hair.


Q: Can I curl, flat iron and blow-dry my wig?
A: Yes, as long as the wig is not made with synthetic hair. Keep in mind that using heating implements over time will damage your hair. We suggest using a low setting on your heat tools to avoid burning the hair.


Q: How do I wash my human hair wig?
A: We suggest washing your wig on an “as needed basis.” When you’re ready to wash your wig, we suggest using a high quality shampoo and conditioner that’s sulfate free. Brush out all knots and tangles while the wig is dry. It’s important to keep the hair elongated throughout the entire washing process. Once the hair is wet, it can easily knot and tangle so please avoid any excessive rubbing or fully submerging your wig in water. Rinse your wig under a faucet with lukewarm water and finger comb shampoo throughout the wig focusing primarily on the ends. Rinse out the shampoo with lukewarm water and repeat the same process with conditioner. Once the conditioner is rinsed out, we suggest running some lightweight oil throughout the hair to help restore moisture. If time permits, let your wig air dry overnight on a head form.


Q: Can I still  put my wig in a ponytail?
A: Yes, as long as the wig is fully hand tied and the hair is long enough.


Q: How should I store my wig?
A: We suggest that you purchase a canvas  head that matches your head circumference measurement. Let your wig rest on this while you are not wearing it to help preserve it’s shape.