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Dropshipping Hair

Our Dropshipping program only for established Hair Extension Company 

Dropshipping Hair





Sell Hair Extensions Without the Cost of Inventory!

Are you looking for a reliable 100% Human hair extension drop shipper vendor to pack and ship your hair extension orders?

We offer the same great hair extensions and your orders drop-shipped directly to your customers. This Dropshipping is not for a new company to start a hair business.

What about branding? We handle that too! If you order some of our hair branding options we can pack & ship the orders with your branding as well!

Great for established hair companies that don’t want to hold inventory or worry about order minimums. Malaysia Hair Imports Private Label Extensions is more than just a trusted wholesale hair company with its amazing dropshipping services!

Let us do all the heavy lifting and branding for you when it comes to your hair business.


No Minimum Hair Orders!

Another advantage of our Dropship Membership is that it is based on smaller quantity orders.

You can order hair bundles individually or multiple if necessary. This is perfect for when your customers place smaller orders with you. They can be sent out individually.

Having no minimum orders allows you to be able to start selling hair freely and without the pressure of having a certain amount of inventory or sales. Many people are hesitant to start hair business for those very reasons.

Fortunately our dropshipping eliminates that problem and you’ll be able to start selling hair for your hair business immediately.

Organized Shipping!

Another reason for dropshipping is that we do all the shipping for you.

Trust me, shipping orders are not as fun or as glamorous as you may think especially when the orders start getting out of control.

So let us handle all the shipping for you. This gives you more time to focus on Marketing and Sales and less time on the shipping logistics. We are very meticulous and precise when it comes to our shipping process. We do not put any of our company information on the packaging.

Our shipping team also takes a photo of every order that is shipped so if there is a question about a missing item we can “roll back the tape” and see if this was the case.

We will also add your branding to each individual bundle which can take additional time.


Do you offer DropShipping Hair ?


Malaysia Hair Imports are happy to work with you, subsequently, we are direct to customer-supplier and manufacturer and henceforth are in a position to accommodate most requests related to hair extensions.

Contact us for further information on our range of products we have to offer and in addition for information on our hair extension dropshipping services available worldwide

We offer custom branding and as a result able to assist you. Please contact us, so that you can work alongside with you.

Alternatively, send us your designs so we may subsequently work with you in order to create your brand.

Whilst Malaysia Hair is flexible, we do have a minimum order requirement of 10 KG 100 bundles for our hair extensions for dropshipping hair

You will find that we presently produce some of the best extensions since we manufacture everything in the house.

We carry a wide range of hair extensions that are available for you and we ship worldwide.

Since we have our own factory we can supply Cambodian, .

Should you require custom colors, please contact us since we are experienced in hair coloring that doesn’t cause damage.

Our hair extensions are available with a variety of fixing options, please take some time to understand the differences between them.

For more info on dropshipping hair with us contact us today


How Hair Dropshipping Works

You have made your first sale and you are so excited.


It will be the fist of many we hope. If you are using our drop shipping process you’re probably wondering what happens next? It is crucial that you give your customers their hair order lightning fast so that you can be known for great customer service.

Just think about it who doesn’t want their hair order fast? You want to be known for having quality hair extensions, a quality brand, and quality customer service which includes fast and accurate shipping.

You may be stressed out but don’t worry we are here to help you achieve this goal. Let’s just say you sold a few bundles for a retail price of $300 including shipping fees. So you have accepted the payment and now have the money in your account.

Re-create your customer’s order and put your info in the “Billing Address” and your customer’s info in the “Shipping Address.”


You set your own prices!

What is great about our dropshipping is that you can set your own prices! We do not work off of percentages. You buy at wholesale and sell at retail. The retail price is whatever you set it to be.

dropshipping hair 3 black cambodian straight hair extensions on silver pillow
dropshipping hair 3 black hair weave samples of body wave, straight and loose curly on silver mesh with crystals
dropshipping hair Sample Packs of Hair presentation box with 2 bundles of black hair weave

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