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Full Silk Base Wigs

Written by Hair

On February 25, 2019

Full Silk Base Wigs


Our Virgin Full Silk Base Wigs are unlike any other wigs that you see. They are unbelievably natural looking and are stunning at first glance. Most people will compliment you on how great your hair looks and you will get quite a few questions about who styles your hair. This is because Malaysia Hair Imports creates custom wigs that fit perfectly and look amazing. All of the hair we use on our Silk Base Wigs is 100% virgin hair that has not been processed at any point. We ensure that all of the hair cuticles run in the same direction so that there is no damage.

To the touch, the hair on our Silk Base Wigs is soft and tangle free. It is carefully sewn into the wig so you will not notice any shedding issues and is so smooth you may find yourself absently petting it. Since all of the cuticles are protected it hardly tangles which also helps with its overall lifespan and aesthetic appearance.

As mentioned earlier, all of our Virgin Silk Base Wigs are customized to fit our buyers. They are handmade therefore they will take a few weeks to be ready. It will generally take one to two weeks to create your wig after we order the appropriate hair. This does not include the shipping time so please plan your order properly. However, in return for the wait, you get a wig that is the perfect fit for your head and your style.

The cap base of our Silk Base Wigs features full Swiss lace that has a silk top over it so that all of the knots are carefully hidden. The lace has a certain level of stretch to it so that the cap can easily be adjusted to snuggly fit on your head.

One of the best features of our Virgin Silk Base Wig is the fact that it features a perfectly natural hairline. This is aided by the perfectly proportional hair density throughout the wig. At the front, the wig features a 100% density level and throughout the rest of the wig 120% density creating voluminous hair that appears natural.

We offer three different cap sizes and many hair lengths ranging from 10″ to 26″ so that you can get the perfect length to match your personal sense of style. All of our Silk Base Wigs are available in various textures including Burmese Water Curl, Cambodian Body Wave, Malaysian Straight, and Burmese Loose Wave.

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