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Hair Brand Ambassador

Hair Brand Ambassador

If you are looking at ways to earn some extra money and have some knowledge of hair extensions then you may be the perfect fit for the Malaysia Hair Imports Brand Ambassador program. We regularly welcome those with a large social media following or experience in the hair styling industry to apply to our Brand Ambassador program. As a Brand Ambassador, your job is to help us showcase our high-quality hair extensions. In return every month you will be paid a generous commission of the items that you helped to sell. Since our hair extensions are made out of 10% human hair and are affordably priced, selling them should be the easiest job you ever take on.

Hair Ambassador

As mentioned, we welcome anyone with a large social media following to apply to be a Brand Ambassador as well as saloon owners, hair stylists and those who love high-quality hair extensions. It is easy to apply to become a Brand Ambassador, simply fill in the contact form that is listed on the Malaysia Hair Imports website. We will then review your application and will be in touch quickly with details about your new position as an affiliate.

All applicants that are chosen by Malaysia Hair Imports to become an official Brand Ambassador will receive an email with further details of what Ambassadors are expected to be. The email will outline what the requirements are for the position and how often you will be asked to publicize our hair extensions on your social websites. After all, assignments are completed within the timeframe that has given a monthly payout will be given to all participants. We pay our Brand Ambassadors via PayPal. If you do not yet have a PayPal account you can easily sign up for free online to obtain one.

How to become a brand ambassador

The amount you are paid is dependent on how many sales were made via your specialized affiliate link. Therefore, it is to your benefit to continue to publicize our high-quality hair extensions because the more work you do the more you will get paid. Highlighting our brand qualities is a great way to encourage your friends and followers to also try out hair extensions from Malaysia Hair Imports. You may want to discuss that our hair extensions are made from 100% virgin human hair and that all of the cuticles are left intact so that the hair remains healthy and shiny for months of use. In fact, with proper care, many of our hair extensions can last over a year.

Hair Brand ambassador program

To help you represent our brand Malaysia Hair Imports sends all of our Brand Ambassadors three bundles of hair on a quarterly basis. You can take photos of the hair that we send you to place on your social media posts so that your followers can see the high quality for themselves. You can also have the hair extensions placed into your own hair so that you can allow your followers to see the effect for themselves. Before and after photos are great ways to show the added volume or new hairstyles that you are able to pull off with the hair extensions. We also will offer a custom discount you can post on your social networks to entice followers to check out our top-notch products.

Malaysia Hair Imports believes that we work with some of the brightest and cleverest ladies out there on the web. We know that being a DIVA starts with feeling like a DIVA, so if you feel like you are ready to tackle the world and love to play with your hair then this is the perfect position for you!

Hair Brand Ambassador

Malaysia Hair Imports has:

1. Top quality 100% Remy Hair

2. A professional marketing team to promote your social account and gain more fans to your social media account as long as you can create excellent photos or videos.

Become a Hair brand ambassador


1. Apply: You can send us an email or tag our social account to tell us to join us.

2. We provide promotion proposal for Malaysia Hair Imports products and free products then you provide us with photos and videos as promotion material.

3. The promotion material will be used for commercial purposes mainly through our social media platform and we will tag your personal social account when we post it.

4. A specific coupon code will be named after you for your fans’ purchase at Malaysia Hair Imports and you will earn 10% commission off each order.


hair brand ambassador

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