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Arjuni Hair


Arjuni hair was the most expensive Cambodian Hair Extensions on the hair industry market, Arjuni hair was just like Malaysia Hair Imports which sourced Cambodian Hair, cut, cleaned, and weft in their own brand of extensions.

Arjuni Business model was to help local workers and develop marketable skills. Ms. Wilson the owner of Arjuni provided her employees with free English, computer, and math classes. A third of her workers came from troubled situations like sex trafficking or spousal abuse but her staff turnover hurt her hair business as many of the employees had to leave due to personal circumstances.

Ethical Hair Sourcing

The increased awareness of exploitation in the trade has shifted many companies to collect their human hair from more transparent and ethical sources. Malaysia hair Imports deal directly with hair donors and customers, eliminating the added cost of a middle-men.

Malaysia Hair Imports ensure transparency, allows third parties to follow its supply chain and access to the women who sourced the hair.

Malaysia Hair Imports offers women higher prices for their hair, ranging from US$65 to US$200. After agreeing upon a rate, Malaysia Hair Imports would section and cut the hair there selfs. In Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and Vietnam,

While the human hair trade has provided many communities with income and opportunities, practices that exploit and deprive women of opportunities must stop. Regulations and fair trade will empower women to thrive in the industry and perhaps when technology advances.

Cambodian Hair

Ms. Wilson acknowledged that she and her staff members were extremely ambitious at the outset, “trying to do everything at once — collection, fabrication, and distribution.” But they have not been able to keep up the hair industry pace as the company grew. .

In the spring, the Arjuni hair company went out of Business, and Malaysia Hair imports have redeemed and serviced most of Arjuni loyal customers, .


Malaysia Hair Imports, Cambodian Raw Cambodian 

We have expanded our presence in Bangkok with newly opened showrooms at The Famous Platinum Fashion Mall in downtown Bangkok and The Avenue in Pattaya which is one of Thailand’s favourite destinations for tourists.

In order to continue to service our customers, we have expanded our production line to keep up with the demand for Wholesale clients and small business owners alike and we are constantly innovating and improving our products based on customer feedback and reviews.

Human hair trade is exploiting ASEAN women




Arjuni Hair

Natural Flowing Human Hair Extensions.

Arjuni Hair

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