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Arjuni Hair


Arjuni hair was the most expensive Cambodian Hair Extensions on the hair industry market, Arjuni hair was just like Malaysia Hair Imports which sourced Cambodian Hair, cut, cleaned, and weft in their own brand of extensions.

Arjuni Business model was to help local workers and develop marketable skills. Ms. Wilson the owner of Arjuni hair provided her employees with free English, computer, and math classes. A third of her workers came from troubled situations like sex trafficking or spousal abuse but her staff turnover hurt her hair business as many of the employees had to leave due to personal circumstances.


Arjuni Hair International Ltd.


Arjuni hair International manufactures human hair extensions from the hair collected from women in Cambodian villages, process it in a factory in Phnom Penh, and sell products online, mainly in the United States.


Without the presence of the middle buyer, Arjuni is responsible for everything from the manufacturing (collecting hair, blending, processing and sanitizing) to sales, and making it possible to achieve both high quality and reasonable pricing.

In May 2012, a New York Times article featured Arjuni. And in August 2013, BBC News introduced their story. Arjuni’s high social profile and business success are in the media.

Social Meaning of the Business


Arjuni hair creates jobs and promotes self-sustainability of women, who are in a weaker position in the Cambodian society. It actively employs women who were previously involved in human trafficking and prostitution and helps them cultivate skills. 95% of its employees are women, many of them orphans or victims of human trafficking.

By eliminating transactions by intermediary organizations such as religious groups, and purchasing hair directly from the women themselves, Arjuni helps promote the empowerment of Cambodian women.

Moreover, Arjuni pledges to donate 10% of their profits to organizations that endeavor to reduce human trafficking and prostitution. It vigorously pursues the activity to support the Cambodian women’s independence.


Company Information

Name:            Arjuni International Ltd.

Business:       Hair extension production and sales


Cambodian hair in the American market

Janice Wilson started working in the hair trade industry in Cambodia in 2008, initially selling hair through Black Hair Media. In 2010, she launched Arjuni hair, which manufactured and exported Cambodian hair extensions, grossing over $1 million a year.

Wilson, now based in Seattle, said her staff cut and collected hair from women in Cambodia. “It felt better when we were leaving them with a cute bob for sure,” she said. Wilson said that although her business was run ethically, she faced an internal conflict for trading third-world hair for the first-world vanity.

“On the other side of it, you’re like, for this company to work, there needs to be a certain population that does not exceed a certain income (and) that they are in the position where they have to sell their hair. That never felt great for me in the business,” she said. “You realize the money is assisting, but what woman doesn’t appreciate her long locks.”

Wilson stated that beyond a cut for cash transactions, Arjuni provided jobs to young women who were victims of sex-trafficking within the country. “Some of our NGO partners specialized in extracting women from sex-trafficking,” she said, referring to nongovernmental organizations.

After the women received therapy services for the trauma of sexual exploitation, Wilson explained that her former shop taught the women how to manufacture the collected hair as a job. She said they also took English and math classes and had opportunities to become managers.

“Sex trafficking is still on the rise,” said Am Sam Ath, chief of technical investigation at the human rights NGO Licadho. “The issue is still a concern for the government and particularly for the tourists who seek sex-trafficking in Cambodia.”

He said many of the victims are younger than 18, and technology is affecting sexual exploitation. “The government should provide more education to (Cambodian) people on how to prevent sex-trafficking and prevention should be done in tourism places.”

Arguably, the dire situations experienced by many Cambodian women are represented by each strand of their hair that is shipped across the world, ending up on the heads of many women in the United States.



Ethical Hair Sourcing

The increased awareness of exploitation in the trade has shifted many companies to collect their human hair from more transparent and ethical sources. Malaysia hair Imports deal directly with hair donors and customers, eliminating the added cost of a middle-men.

Malaysia Hair Imports ensure transparency, allows third parties to follow its supply chain and access to the women who sourced the hair.

Malaysia Hair Imports offers women higher prices for their hair, ranging from US$65 to US$200. After agreeing upon a rate, Malaysia Hair Imports would section and cut the hair there selfs. In Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and Vietnam,

While the human hair trade has provided many communities with income and opportunities, practices that exploit and deprive women of opportunities must stop. Regulations and fair trade will empower women to thrive in the industry and perhaps when technology advances.

Cambodian Hair

Ms. Wilson acknowledged that she and her staff members were extremely ambitious at the outset, “trying to do everything at once — collection, fabrication, and distribution.” But they have not been able to keep up the hair industry pace as the company grew. .

In the spring, the Arjuni hair company went out of Business, and Malaysia Hair imports have redeemed and serviced most of Arjuni loyal customers, .


Malaysia Hair Imports, Cambodian Raw Cambodian 

We have expanded our presence in Bangkok with newly opened showrooms at The Famous Platinum Fashion Mall in downtown Bangkok and The Avenue in Pattaya which is one of Thailand’s favorite destinations for tourists.

In order to continue to service our customers, we have expanded our production line to keep up with the demand for Wholesale clients and small business owners alike and we are constantly innovating and improving our products based on customer feedback and reviews.

The human hair trade is exploiting ASEAN women’s Natural Flowing Human Hair Extensions.



Thanks to Miss Janice, Cambodian hair became the go-to of all the hair mavens. The Gods surely smiled down on Arjuni hair as the business was an initial success.

However, it was not to last for too long. They were plagued with problems from the shopping cart, threatening litigation at every turn, consultation fees, appointments, and an impossibly difficult website to navigate. Not to mention no way to possibly keep up with the demand for the product.

Arjuni hair quickly made enemies within the hair game and its reputation suffered greatly. For those loyal enough to stick around, due to the unquestionable quality seen in far too few companies, they too were frequently disappointed with the constant problems that plagued the start-up.

It seemed the fancier the website, the worse the issues.

A hair board, where she tested her product, was really excited about this start-up company and purchasing her extensions, but things soon went sour. Now that particular board can’t even bring up her company name without being censored out due to the litigiousness of the company.

However, now on December 1, 2014, the company is undergoing a new look, thanks to a European investment company. Arjuni will sell by INVITATION only.

So starting today, you get to sign up and hopefully you will be sent an invitation to be able to purchase from Arjuni hair. Due to the popularity and the great quality, she will have no problem finding buyers. It actually adds exclusivity to her brand and product that will leave others begging to buy-in.

However, her critics aren’t going to be impressed. There are other companies that also sell Cambodian hair extensions.

Since it’s just a nationality, there are other vendors that can and will sell the same quality at a possibly lower rate and won’t have to sign up for a membership and hopefully be selected to be one of the lucky few to spend hundreds of dollars. In the end, weave fanatics just want to buy hair and don’t want to have to go through hoops to do so.

It may be great and exciting in the beginning, but the more complicated a process is, the more people will just select something else, especially if there are other vendors that are willing to do it for cheaper and without all the hoopla.

Mrs. Janice has something special when it comes to Arjuni hair. Her ethics, perseverance, and endurance in a very tough and male-dominated arena are to be admired greatly. The question is, will this next move propel her to the top or will this company be just another failed operation, as she speaks about at the beginning of her email titled, ‘The End of Arjuni hair”…



Arjuni hair
Arjuni Hair
Arjuni Hair
Arjuni Hair

Arjuni Hair

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