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Blonde Hair


Blonde Hair Extensions and wigs using 100% Human Hair

Looking for some cool was to create a sassy look ? Try out some hair extensions from Malaysia Hair Imports. These days its not easy to find natural looking real blonde hair since a lot of companies use synthetic fibres in their products and harsh coloring techniques. This means you really cant’s style the hair to blend with your natural hair, and it normally ends up burning the moment you take a curling iron to it or even try to wash it followed by using a blow dryer. The colouring of the hair is also very important as achieving the rich blonde color takes time and expertise. If you are planning to color your own hair there have been many cases of hair damage due to the time it takes to reach the desired color which is why we suggest using hair extensions or wigs to achieve various looks without causing harm to your original hair.

We have tried many types of  hair extensions and wigs and would recommend you only buy hair that is that made from 100% Human Remy Hair. This way you are assured that you are free to style as desired without any concerns at all.

Yes the other types of blonde hair extensions and wigs are cheaper and may look good but you will quickly find limitations in the way you can style them and you certainly won’t be able to blend them so naturally with your own hair which really does defeat the purpose of using hair extensions or wigs.

Sometimes you just can’t decide on a style to boost your original hair, and may be worried about cutting or colouring it, so its great to have these options of clip-in, tape-in, glue-in extensions which can easily be installed in seconds with no damage to your original hair depending on what type you choose.

Naturally the clip-in is the easiest and fastest but the tape-in and glue-in are equally good apart from the fact that it should be professionally installed in order to minimize any damage. Malaysia Hair imports have a variety of options available and the quality of hair used in all their products is as advertised.

Another great option would be the blonde hair full lace or lace front wigs which look absolutely stunning, the care and attention in the production of these wigs give them a low profile when worn making it almost undetectable and the hair itself is so natural and flowing you almost don’t want to take the wig off. The colouring is uniform and styling these wigs however you wish is just super easy.

The various styles and lengths available are sure to suit your needs.

Blonde HairBlonde Bob

Blonde Hair

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Hair Extension Articles

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