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 Best Hair Trends 2020.

Let’s take a look at the current hair trends 2020 has to offer and how they can be achieved with hair extensions, lace front wigs etc. Malaysia Hair Imports are a great resource to achieve many of these looks without causing damage to your natural hair.

10 trendy best hair styles to try in 2020

How will you change your hair in 2020? Change can be exciting, uplifting and give you a spark of confidence again.

A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life and inspire her friends, family and loved ones around her, what better way to spice up your life!

Lets Get To some of the hair trends of 2020 so far…….

1. Lob (long bob)

This type of bob sits just above your shoulders The lob  (long Bob) gives youth ability to still tie it up, great for sweaty gym sessions but it’s short enough to play with the textures and create that slightly edgier look as needed This is one one the list for Hair Trends in 2020.%

Hair Trends 2020 Lob Long Bob

2. Jagged edge bob

This Jagged edge bob means the cut isn’t cut to one length and is instead layered and choppy. The jagged cut gives you a messy but organized edgier look than a normal blunt bob would. Kind of like that “just woken” up style but still looking great!

Hair Trends 2020

3. Face framing highlights

This  cool look requires highlights primarily at the front of your hair which tends to frames you’re face. This creates a nice lift. If you use warm color tones then this look is going to add warmth, and brighten up your face and your look dramatically. This look isn’t high-maintenance and will grow out seamlessly. Beyonce tends to rock this relaxed look quite often so it made it onto this list of hair trends 2020

Hair Trends 2020 Face Framing Highlights

4. Bangs are back!!

This face framing bang style starts a couple inches above your eyebrows. and people either really love it or hate it but this look certainly make a statement.You could try out some clip-in bangs first just to see if this a look for you.This look opens up your face while softening it and undeniably creates some sophistication.

Hair Trends 2020 Hair Bangs


5. Peek a boo hair color

Peek a boo highlights are colored highlights added under the top layer of your hair, this creates a slight camoflauge since they are visible but slightly hidden. The color exposes itself by the movement of your hair.This is kinda fun as you can be very experimental with it.

Hair Trends 2020 Peek A boo Hair Color

6. Bronde

Not sure whether to go with a blonde or brunette color? Well here comes the “bronde” the in between colour that celebrities and models are starting to rock. This is done by mixing in different tones of blonde and brown. The brown tones means it’s less harsh on your hair shaft than bleaching it to a lighter blonde tone so it helps save your hair health but creates that unique trendy color tone in-between which looks great especially when the light or sun catches it.

Bronde Hair

7. Red hair (hair trends 2020)

Wow the red hair ! This colour warms you up, is fiery, sultry red, hot sassy and sexy!  if you’ve ever flirted with the idea of becoming a redhead, give this one a shot, it does make a bold statement but then again that is what you want isn’t it ??

Red Hair

8. Curly highlights

Thick curly manes will portray you as a more playful character, and with highlights you can add drama and dimension to the curls. This is one look to give yourself a boost and give off an impression of exciting, playful and confident all in one look.

Curly Highlights

9. Dip dyed ends

This one is Exactly what it sounds like. Just dip dying your hair ends means colouring the bottom part of the hair shaft. This is a edgy softer look that regular highlights but certainly a sassy look depending on the highlights and color you choose to blend.

Dip Dyed Ends

10. Blunt bob  (hair trends 2020)

Finally yup The blunt bob is on the list for hair trends 2020 and is still a classic look and more popular than ever. The bob is cut in a straight edge line giving this beautiful contoured look.The haircut so sleek and creates the appearance of total sophistication. It suits many face shapes, and works best with a single colour or even highlights as it exudes that “Boss/Business/Entrepreneur look.

Blunt Bob


Hair Trends 2020

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Hair Extension Articles

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