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How To Put In Natural Hair Extensions


How to Make Clip-In Hair Extensions Look Natural

-Style your extensions and natural hair together

As mentioned styling, your extensions with your natural hair using a curling iron gives a more seamless, natural-looking appearance.

-Trim your extensions

Take your extensions to a professional. They will be able to trim and layer your extensions and your own hair to create a unified style that blends together perfectly.

-Select the right color for your hair extensions

For the most natural look, select a color that is similar to your own hair color. Typically, extensions that are up to 2 shades lighter or darker than your own hair will give a natural look. You can also dye your hair to better match your extensions, or, if you have human hair extensions, they can often be dyed or highlighted to blend better with your own hair. Make sure that you take your human hair extensions to a professional to be dyed, and note that dying extensions can potentially shorten their lifespan. For more information on selecting the correct hair color, contact us

-Select extensions that are similar to your natural hair

For instance, if you have thin hair, select extensions that are on the thinner side, such as hair toppers If you have thicker hair, select thicker extensions. This will give the most natural look possible.

Human Hair Extensions


  • Human hair can be styled to perfectly blend with your natural hair to give a natural look.
  • Human hair extensions can be dyed or permed by a professional to more closely match your natural hair.
  • With proper care, human hair lasts longer than synthetic hair, with a lifespan of a year.


  • Like your own hair, human hair extensions will become frizzy, and they need to be styled daily.
  • Human hair is heavier than synthetic hair.
  • Human hair extensions are the most expensive option.



Weave / Track / Sew-In Hair Extensions:

This process consists of braiding tracks of hair extensions to a braid on your natural crown of hair using a needle and thread.

Application Type: Semi Permanent

Application Time: 2-5 hours

Lifespan: 2-3 months

Cost: $50-$600



Keratin Glue / Fusion Hair Extensions:

Keratin glue is pre-applied on top of small bundles of hair. The glue on top of each bundle is then melted with a heat gun in rows near the root of the natural hair, fusing the hair bundles to your own hair.

Application Type: Semi-Permanent

Application Time: 3-5 hours

Lifespan: 2-6 months, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how well you take care of your extensions.

Cost: $500-$1000



Tape-In Hair Extensions:

A kind of tape that’s made specifically for hair is first pre-taped to wefts of hair extensions, then taped to the root of the hair.

Application Type: Semi Permanent

Application Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Lifespan: 1-2 months

Cost: $250-$500


Micro Link / Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Small wefts of hair are attached to your own hair via a bead or “link.” Your own hair is pulled through the link, which is then clamped down near the root.

Application Type: Semi-Permanent

Application Time: 2-3 hours

Lifespan: 5-8 weeks

Cost: $350-$500


Hair Pieces:

If you don’t have enough natural length to pull off a bun or long braid, you can add a hair piece like a faux bun, braid, or ponytail.

Application Type: Temporary

Application Time: Less than 5 minutes

Lifespan: Over a year

Cost: $90-$200


Clip-In Hair Extensions:

Clip-In hair extensions are wefts of either human or synthetic hair on a silicone or fabric base. They are attached to the hair via small, comb-like clips.

Application Type: Temporary

Application Time: 30 minutes or less

Lifespan: 3 months-1 year depending on the type of hair and treatment of the extensions.

Cost: $120-$350


Natural Hair



How To Put In Hair Extensions

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Hair Extension Articles

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