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What Is Mink Hair and Mink hair Extensions


Mink Hair is just another Fake Hair industry Marketing scam the hair is not virgin, Raw, Remy or even 100% real human hair it is Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber made from Indian hair manufacture from China sold on there Aliexpress there an American version of Amazon. Please don’t buy into the hype unless you want terrible, cheap quality hair extensions that will end up damaging your natural hair and breaking off your edges with its bad chemicals processing of the Generally, synthetic fiber that cannot be curled or heated.

However, beware of some types of hair fibers on the hair market that are made with a heat-friendly or heat-resistant fiber, meaning the hair can be styled using a low/medium heat setting and can be curled, blow-dried, or flat ironed to achieve a different hairstyle. Heat friendly/resistant synthetic fiber can withstand heat up to 350°F/180°C. Synthetic hair should not be colored.

Again beware of the marketing schemes and the falsehood in the hair industry market at Malaysia Hair Imports we only use the best 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair.

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Mink Hair

by | May 21, 2020 | Blog, Hair Extension Articles

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