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100% Raw Cambodian Hair Manufacturer

Raw Cambodian Hair Vendors In Cambodia

Many ethical Hair companies and manufacturers, seek good quality hair to manufacture their products. Cambodian hair is known for its strong durable quality and medium luster which does make this hair an ideal choice for hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces etc. Malaysia Hair Imports only use Raw Pure Cambodian hair ethically sourced in Cambodia in their manufacturing process.

What are the difference between this hair and other types of hair ??

Cambodian hair is typically soft, quite thick and very durable, which means it is suitable for any style, especially straight, wavy or curly styles. It is does handle color extremely well and due to its medium luster in general you do not need to buy too many bundles to achieve your desired look.

Cambodia has many hair factories situated mainly in Phnom Penh and there has been a rising demand over the past few years for good quality hair. This has arisen due to the fact that many Chinese companies have come up with clever ways to manipulate the hair with synthetic fibers thus reducing costs but compromising the quality greatly. The public are slowly becoming more aware of these practices and realise that hair which is not ethically sourced and mixed will not last or be able to be styled colored and washed as desired in terms of longevity. This certainly isn’t good for the end user although it may save short term costs it becomes more costly in the longer term.

It isn’t an easy task to find Raw Cambodian Hair Vendors In Cambodia so you certainly need to do some local research before planning a trip there. It’s also advisable to take time and do extensive research if you do plan on visiting Cambodia yourself.

Nowadays, there are so many companies competing and trying to enter the hair market but to avoid disappointments, make sure you only buy 100% human hair made products from reputable companies.

What are Raw Cambodian Hair Vendors?

This simply means that the hair being sold is 100% human remy hair that originates from Cambodia


Raw Cambodian Hair Vendors 5 cambodian ladies in traditional costume


Raw Cambodian Hair Vendors

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Hair Extension Articles

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