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Sew In Hair Extensions


Whether you are new to the world of Sew in hair extensions or a frequent buyer you will likely see the terms Weft and Bulk tossed around. To help make it simpler to decide which hair extensions are the best choice for you here is a basic explanation of Weft Hair Extensions. Weft Hair Extensions are the most popular type of hair extensions and tend to be used in permanent hair extensions. However, there are some machine Weft Hair Extensions created by Malaysia Hair Imports that are utilized as a base for clip in extensions.

They are machine wefted which is another way of saying sewn or that the bundle of extensions is tied together. Unlike bulk hair which tends to be loose, Weft Hair Extensions are sewn together via sewing machine. In order to create a Weft Hair Extension the desired amount of hair is grouped together and then fed through a triple head sewing machine. This machine carefully places a reinforced stitch at the root of the strands so that they are sewn together. After this, the hair is folded over and another stitch is run through the root so that the Weft Hair Extensions are firmly sealed into place. The finished product is a hair extension that is bonded together so that it can be sewn into your weave in one solid piece.

All of our Weft Hair Extensions are available in Malaysian, Burmese, and Cambodian hair and are bundled by weight so that clients can expect a set amount of hair when they order their extensions. It is important to note however that natural hair generally grows with slight deviations in length. Therefore, in order to create a more settled natural look, there will be slight, marginal differences in length within the Weft Hair Extensions. The slight length differences is another way to reassure customers that all of the hair that comes from Malaysia Hair Imports is 100% virgin human hair.

We take great pride in collecting only the purest, healthiest hairs from several villages in each country. Malaysia Hair Imports collects, cleans, dries, and prepares all of its Weft Hair Extensions in person and by hand to ensure that all of our hair extensions are high quality. Therefore, with proper cleaning and regular care you can easily expect any of our Weft Hair Extensions to last for a year or longer. They are very versatile and can also be styled in a variety of manners.

Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew In Hair Extensions

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Blog, Hair Extension Articles

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