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She’s Happy hair vs Malaysia Hair Imports


She’s Happy Hair is a phenomenally successful, veteran, a black-owned business that recognized a void in the community. Seizing the opportunity to provide great customer service, products and a sense of social responsibility, the company has grown into a household name with six storefront locations in Houston, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area as well as Detroit, Michigan and plans to open more stores in the immediate future. She’s Happy Hair is the #1 virgin hair supplier in the United States; with an online store that ships worldwide, this international brand has a five-star product line that includes their all-natural shampoo, conditioner, and Sleek Edges (edge control). Approaching their seventh anniversary in business She’s Happy Hair shows no signs of slowing down.


Happy Hair


Why Malaysia Hair Imports Hair


Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a full head of thick wavy hair, but now thanks to Malaysia Hair Imports you can supplement your own hair to make it look that way. We provide premium hair extensions for every type of heavily sought after hair. Of course, you want your hair extensions to look completely natural which is why we also offer our excellent silk frontal closure. Our silk frontal closures create a natural sew in line that does not exclude the natural hairline so that the end result is a stunning lesson in the magic of hair extensions.

Each frontal closure stretches from ear to ear to fully fit the entire headline of every customer and measures 13 x 4 inches. It also features a nice 4 x 4 inches base with a lace remainder to allow you plenty of room to work with. Due to the natural sew-in that includes all of your hair, you can easily pull back your hair along with your hair extensions into a hair band, ponytail or another updo without worrying about your extensions showing. For those that want hair that is truly versatile and flexible, the frontal silk closures are the perfect match.


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The same way we offer our customers the finest 100% authentic hair possible, we also offer 100% high quality and durable silk front closure. Each frontal closure is made out of a much thicker material than regular lace to make sure they are ready to withstand the pressures of daily wear and tear. In addition, the fabric material creates the illusion that the hair you sew in is actually growing straight from your scalp while the base covertly hides the braids under it so that only you know you have a weave in.

Most silk closures are lighter in color since silk tends to be a light material so it is possible that you will need to tint the fabric before sewing into your hair in order to match the color of your scalp and overall skin tone. The foundation that matches your skin tone is another great way to quickly cover the fabric over your part. In order to ensure that you are able to capture the look, you are after al silk base frontal closure are available in body wave, straight, curly, and deep wave textures.

She’s Happy Hair

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Blog, Hair Extension Articles

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