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Silk vs Lace Closures

Malaysia Hair Imports is known for offering some of the highest quality hair extensions in the world to consumers. All of their hair is sourced by the company itself and is taken directly from donors. The 100% virgin human hair has never been chemically processed, dyed, or altered in any way. In addition, the cuticles are all perfectly preserved and run in the same direction so that the hair remains soft and completely natural. This also helps keep the hair tangle free as well and easy to care for. The high-quality hair is one reason why people cannot stop buying our hair extensions.

The other reason is that we work hard to keep our prices affordable and low comparatively when you compare them to the rest of the industry. We take care of all tasks related to the hair extensions ourselves, which is one reason we can guarantee the high quality of all of our hair extensions. However, because we take care of every detail we also cut out the middleman. The end result is a much lower price for you. We also offer our Hair Extensions Bundles Deal to further help reduce the overall price of purchasing multiple hair extensions.

All of the hair included in our Hair Extensions Bundles Deal meets the high-quality standards that we have mentioned above. It is 100% virgin hair and the cuticles are all intact. All of the hair that is offered in our Hair Extensions Bundle Deal is sourced from Malaysia, Cambodia, and Burma. These locations represent different textures so that you can receive Hair Extension Bundles Deal in the variety that will best suit your natural hair. Our hair is extremely pliable allowing you to straighten it, style it, and curl it into any style that you wish.

Our Hair Extensions Bundles Deal are available in a natural color that is 1b to 2 with slight variation since natural hair does deviate a bit in color. All of our hair can be dyed if you wish, but we suggest that you seek the help of a professional stylist for the best results. Each bundle is weighed to 100 grams and will contain three to four bundles based on the weight. The weft is a machined double stitch that will firmly stay in place without giving away the natural look of our hair. If you want natural hair extensions at a great price Malaysia Hair Imports is the place to turn. silk vs lace closures.

Full lace front closure

Malaysia Hair Imports hair closure is a free part that you place anywhere you require to create an illusion of a parting. This would normally be at the center or side of the head’s front.

Our closures are fitted using glue or can be sewn in.

Malaysia Hair Imports havr been pleasing women across the globe for years because all of their products are completely natural and perfectly blend with natural hair. Our hair extensions are a great way to add some extra length into your hair to achieve the perfect look and style. They are also a great way to address any thinning hair or to simply boost your volume.

We offer Lace Swiss Lace Front Closures to make the insertion of your hair extensions simple. They easily blend into the scalp so that people will never guess that your extensions are not real. In fact, they will probably want to know your stylist’s name because they will be so impressed at how great your hair suddenly looks!

We make our Lace Closures from 100% virgin hair which allows the lace closures to sit closely against your natural hair without any hint that you have a weave in. Our Lace Closures are separately attached so that you can still part your hair in whichever fashion you are comfortable with.

Just your natural hair, you will not find one synthetic hair in our Lace Closures which allows you to look and feel as if all of the hair on your head is natural.


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silk vs lace closuresLace closure

silk vs lace closures

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Blog, Hair Extension Articles

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