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The perception that Types Of Hair Extensions are for the balding or those with thinning hair is outdated and inappropriate. These days getting a hair extension is a fashion statement as well as a cosmetic necessity. Its popularity not only cuts across the world of celebrities and starlets but it’s also common with the ordinary woman. All women across the industry have accepted this latest trend in fashion. These include students, the professionals, the housewives, and many others.

Hair extensions offer one of the simplest ways to change one’s appearance overnight. They have such a powerful impact on the way you look. They can be used to make hair look longer or give a full-bodied look by installing thinner hair. The various hair professionals in the market have versed experience on the options available for you but you should undertake your own research to determine the competent ones.

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to hair extensions. They can either be made of real human hair or synthetic materials. Those made from real hair are normally referred to as Remy hair whereas those from synthetic are non-Remy hair. However, each one of these types can last long if due care is provided.


Types of Hair Extensions


Depending on your needs and desires, the types of hair extensions available include;

  1. I-Tips- this is a popular type of extension where hair is connected with a thin tube near the base of the hairline and fused using pliers. It does not require any kind of heat and thus no hair damage is possible. With this type, it can take months before you can think of changing your appearance once again. This will vary with respect to how fast your hair grows.
  2. Keratin tip-another popular method is similar in design with I-type. This type of extension connects keratin to the natural hair. It can last for up to 3 months. It is normally easy to remove these extensions. A special solution that detaches the bonds and has no effect on your existing hair is applied
  3. Skin Wefts- is another type of extension that involves bonding knotted hair to a thin adhesive on the hair baseline. The hair is distributed evenly and therefore it looks more natural. This type can last up to 2 months and requires less washing compared to others.
  4. Microtip- this is ideal for those with thinning or balding hair. It entails the use of a small tube to connect small pieces of hair to the natural hair. It is a common style among men and women.

There are many more styles of hair extensions that can be tailored to suit your needs. Professionals will help you in making an ideal choice.


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