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Hair extensions concepts and terms often-times confuse. If you are interested in getting a weave, wig, or an extension to your hair you may get caught up in these confusing terms. Virgin hair for instance, is frequently confused with human hair. These two seem to intertwine but there are a lot of disparities between the two.

Human hair as the name implies refers to hair that is acquired from an individual’s head. It lasts longer and can be subjected to dying, styling, straightening, or washing just like the normal hair.Its immediate cousin the synthetic extensions cannot be subjected to similar processes and are much cheaper. The real hair available in the market today varies in quality and therefore what you pay is what you get.


What is Virgin Hair


Virgin hair is regarded as the best quality extensions in the market. Malaysia is one of the major suppliers of this type of hair extensions. It is the ideal hair extensions since it has never been subjected to any chemical alterations. It has never been chemically styled, colored or subjected to any changes. Its cuticle is untouched. The cuticle is basically what normally makes our hair lustrous. Cheap natural hairs lack this and are normally replaced with a layer of silicon.

Most people find it hard to distinguish genuine virgin hair from the fake ones. The ingenuine or processed natural wigs never last for long. The silicon used usually washes off after the hair is washed for a few times thus exposing the hair to tangling, wear and tear. The genuine hair will last longer since their cuticle is well kept. However, wigs and extensions made from virgin hair are highly priced since the wigmakers apply a lot of effort and skill when designing these extensions. Furthermore, they last longer.

You should be cautious when buying natural extensions and wigs. Most of them are made from hair that has been poorly harvested and sold. Most of them are subjected to chemical relaxers and acids which removes the cuticle. In the absence of the cuticle, the wigmakers usually place the hair carelessly without considering the cuticles of each strand. This explains why such extensions tangle and mat easily. With virgin hair, you are guaranteed of well-aligned strands since the wigmaker has to ensure that the cuticles of each strand face the same direction. With this type of extensions quality for your money is what you get. What else can one ask for?


What Is Virgin Hair

What is Virgin Hair

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Blog, Hair Extension Articles

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