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Hair Extension Process:

I was recently asked the questions of, “why does it take 7 to 10 business days for Malaysia Hair Imports to process our hair?” To answer that question its because the hair has to be sourced by country, collected, taken back to the factory, inspected, weft, washed, conditioned, air dried, quality assured and shipped. Real human hair extensions quality isn’t something any company should take lightly. Malaysia Hair Imports provides the highest quality hair extensions to our wholesale clients and customers. Our process is in place because our customers desire consistency and quality! Malaysia Hair Imports wholesale cliental enjoy the consistency of quality hair in large amounts. Whether the clients desire to add to their product line or use Malaysia Hair Imports wholesale hair extensions as their own brand, they don’t worry about the quality of our hair extensions.

Countries Malaysia Hair Imports hair is sourced and collected from plays a role in the quality. Unlike most companies who state they sell everything under the sun from every country in the world MHI source/collect hair from only countries known to cut their hair. The most important part of the process is the weft. When hair is weft the right way, it minimizes shedding and breakage. After that point the hair has to be washed in a sulfate free organic shampoo/conditioner. Once that’s completed the hair is air-dried. Pending the weather outside this process may take a day or two. Once air-dried the quality assurance team goes to work! They insure the hair quality is on par with the clients desire. If the hair is a go its shipped to the customer. If the hair is a no go then its not shipped and the customer is notified.

Again hair quality is something any company shouldn’t take lightly. Clients/customers expects consistently and quality. Whether a customer is purchasing hair retail or wholesale Malaysia Hair Imports insures the quality/consistency through its processing time. Real human hair isn’t easily accessible. It does grow on a donors head and like any hair that is cut, it takes time to grow back.

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