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In the hair extensions business you have two types of people. One for profit and the other is referral. After visiting salons, virgin hair stores and beauty bars I’ve noticed that owners/managers are mostly profit. The difference between profit based businesses and referral based businesses is the quality of product and customer service. As you sit there, scratch your head and say to yourself what wrong with “profit based businesses?” I will tell you that profit should be the least thing on your mind.

Profit based businesses see only the money, dollars and cents. They will sell or do anything to make their money. In the hair extensions business it boils down to what they are selling. For example, virgin hair store x states they sell Brazilian virgin hair when its not real virgin hair. As I’ve stated in previous blogs Brazilian women are not cutting their hair. If over 30,000 vendors on a certain website, hundreds of virgin hair stores and every beauty supply store that carry Brazilian hair then there’s a lot of ball headed beautiful Brazilian women out there in which I haven’t seen. As a wholesaler and retailer of real human hair I’ve noticed a lot of businesses are willing to say their hair extensions is virgin when its not. They are so profit based that their willing to lie to you as a customer just to make money. They are willing to sacrifice their integrity and business name for the sake of profit. They potentially lose a customer and everyone in their network because they chose to sell their customers an inferior product.

Malaysia Hair Imports is a referral base business! Bottom line is we don’t sacrifice the integrity of our business name nor quality of our hair extensions for money. When stylists and clients work with or sell our Burmese, Cambodian and Malaysian hair extensions they know its quality! They know real human hair doesn’t grow on trees and their willing to wait on their shipment of Malaysia Hair Imports premium hair extensions because they know what quality is. They know their customers appreciate real human hair. When stylists sew in and style our hair extensions their customers instantly notice this hair is different. Most importantly when their clients step out of that salon or home and get their friends, family and strangers to say who did your hair? What kind of hair is that? Your hair looks great! I’m going to that salon, see the stylist and get that hair. That’s what referrals are all about. The money will come when you sell a quality product and that’s what Malaysia Hair Imports is all about. Some people get it, some people don’t. When you have a visionary like the late Steve Jobs who believed in selling a quality product and being passionate about what he was selling turned Apple into the third most profitable business in the world. It wasn’t because he was a profit base businessman. It was the love of what he was doing and the quality of his product.

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