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Hair Extensions Business:

Starting your own hair extensions business can be a hand scratching, mind-boggling and downright difficult task to do. With over 33,000 vendors selling manufactured hair and a handful of true virgin hair suppliers available, it’s easy to get dazed and confused when starting a hair extensions business. Luckily for you Malaysia Hair Imports is one of the true virgin hair companies that not only sells 100% virgin hair wholesale/retail but we also give our clients consultation. We take the guesswork out of the equation by providing you with a high quality product and educating you as our client to be as knowledgeable as can be.

What makes Malaysia Hair Imports unique is we understand the market. By understanding that 93% of the hair extensions on the market today isn’t real human hair. Some people care and others don’t. Some customers of the beauty supply stores and virgin hair stores are not educated on hair. They spend their hard earned money on Brazilian textured hair not knowing that its not 100%. Some of last weeks, months and maybe years depending on how well the manufacturing companies have evolved in their processing techniques. I’ve heard a lot of stories whereas customers hair didn’t last but 3 to 4 washes and they were furious at the vendor for false advertisement. It’s 50-50 between the customer and the vendor. The vendor knows where they purchase their hair and honestly they believe what their wholesaler is telling them. Everything from grades 8A 10A 11A to they source hair from all over the world. You as a customer have to ask yourself if this was real virgin hair, how is it so cheap? Why does it smell like this? How is this curl pattern achieved? Is it natural? There are so many questions that should be asked but its not. Fortunately for you Malaysia Hair Imports is very transparent in our approach to educating clients and potential customers so they wont be fooled.

Malaysia Hair Imports through its wholesale and retail provide customers with the highest grade of hair. There is no question as to if our hair is 100% or not. Our hair extensions do not look or feel like manufactured extensions on the market. The textures being provided to you are natural textures, low to medium luster, soft, silky yet slightly coarse and perfect for all ethnicities. Through Malaysia Hair Imports various programs you will have premium hair extensions at a very reasonable price. Your competition is only with individuals that sell real virgin hair not Chinese processed hair. Another edge that Malaysia Hair Imports have over the competition is we consult our clients. Meaning we educate our clients on the products we sell therefore they’re not fool by the saturated market of hair extensions. By the time we are done consulting our clients they have the confidence in knowing their hair extensions are 100% unprocessed. In closing who would you rather chose:

A. A company that guarantees quality 100% virgin hair from countries known for cutting their hair and a graduate level education on hair or

B. A company that knows their purchasing processed hair and selling it as 100% virgin

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