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Hair Extensions Truths:

nowadays everyone sells hair extensions. Everyone claims they sell 100% virgin hair extensions from countries like Armenia, Brazil, Peru, Mongolia, China, Europe so forth and so on. Just about everyone is stating their hair is 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A and etc. Many are coming up with names such as Mink Brazilian, Safire Peruvian and etc. Some will say just about anything to make the name of their hair extensions sound exotic and sexy yet the truth is:

1.Those countries aren’t cutting their hair

2.The grading systems don’t exist due to non-government regulations. People and machines cant grade hair to an exact number

3.People make up different names to make their brand sound glamorous.

As I said before in my previous bogs, all countries do not cut their hair. People only cut there is for religion or profit. When you think your getting 100% virgin hair extensions retailing at $50.00 a bundle and you expect for it to last a very long time then please think again. Now I will say that with the billions of U.S. currency that has past through Chinas hands that a select few companies research and development teams have managed to nearly perfect creating hair like fibers that will react like human hair extensions, do everything real human can do and last for months. If someone gave you a billion dollars and ask you to find materials that react like human hair, do would think you would be able to find that material?

Malaysia Hair Imports offers hair extensions of the highest grade from the countries of origin. Burmese (Myanmar), Cambodian (Cambodia) and Malaysian (Malaysia). Burmese premium hair extensions are a mixture of Indian and Asian people. When combine the textures are loose wave, loose curly and curly. Burmese hair is full and thick. The luster is low to medium and it’s a perfect blend for all ethnicities desiring full thick luxurious locks.

Cambodian premium hair extensions from our donors are a mixture of African American and Cambodian people. In the late 1960’s and early 70’s the U.S. invaded Vietnam. The African American soldiers and other soldiers procreated with the Cambodian women during their down times. This is why Cambodian hair extensions top Indian extensions. Cambodian hair extensions are thick and full. It has a soft yet coarse feel to it and the variations of textures are body wave, deep wave, kinky straight and straight.

Malaysian premium hair extensions are of Malaysian people. Their hair is naturally straight. To find Malaysian people with any different texture of hair is rare. For example, Malaysians may have body wave but it’s rare. It would be more expensive for them to cut their hair. Textures such as deep wave, kinky curly, curly doesn’t exist because the Malaysian people haven’t procreated with other races to create those textures.

When dealing with anyone that states they have all these different types and textures of hair extensions question them thoroughly. Don’t be fool by all the hoopla your hearing about who has what. Be knowledgeable when comes to your purchases. Do your research. Ensure your getting your moneys worth. You earned it. Spend it wisely.

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