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Our 100% Human Hair Factory is Located in Bangkok

Malaysia Hair Imports is an Ethical 100% Human Hair Factory




100% Human Remy Hair Factory


Malaysia Hair Imports make all their products from 100% Human Remy Hair.

We own our own hair factory which enables us to produce some of the best products on the market today.

Nowadays, the hair industry is oversaturated with fake companies that claim they sell 100% human hair which conversely results in false advertising and claims in order to gain sales.

Surprisingly, they still manage to distribute low-quality products online regardless of the fact that synthetic hair is mixed with low-quality Remy hair.

We, Malaysia Hair Imports, maintain full transparency and consequently produce and manufacture outstanding quality Hair products which is partly due to the fact that we can control the entire manufacturing process.

In summary, Malaysia Hair Imports are the only 100% virgin human Remy hair factory in Bangkok today and by comparison, are confident that you won’t be disappointed with our products. However, beware of other companies competing in the hair industry since they are generally masquerading as 100% Human Hair manufacturers.

To avoid disappointment please conduct extensive research.


Raw Hair Collections


Inspection Characteristics:


We inspect the Remy hair Coarseness.

The Root and cuticle alignment is assessed.

We eliminate gray hairs and inspect for any color treatment.

We assess Smoothness, General Health, Even Color, and Natural Tapered ends.

The hair is inspected for Lice, Nit, and Parasites.

Once these parameters have been determined and met, we proceed to make a selection.


Quality Control Test


Dry Tangle Test: If non-Remy hair is suspected, a quick but effective test on hair strands is performed to determine which direction the cuticles are running in.

The analysis is performed using the friction between fingers as cuticle scale edges will “catch” on the skin and climb towards the roots.


Hair Quality Control Test


The most common form of tangling occurs when the roots and ends are accidentally mixed up with each other. We know this is Non-Remy hair and there is no easy fix, especially without the use of harsh acid treatments to remove the cuticle layers.

We mimic what happens to the hair when washed in the shower or shampoo bowl by holding the bundles by the roots and vigorously rinsing them, swishing the hair back and forth.

Using a special water bath we dip and rinse the hair once again, if the cuticles do not align, the hair will start to create a tangled knot near the roots. This type of knot does not untangle easily even with brushing and conditioners.

Below you will find some of the steps taken by us to ensure we make top-quality hair products.


How we measure the different textures of hair


We use single drawn hair and make sure there are no hairs less than 6-10″ depending upon finished lengths.

Curly hair is also single drawn with a curl density pattern of 2″ or less and measures 1″ longer than the finished length when stretched out.

These measurements maintain consistent results that our customers can rely on.


Making The Hair Extensions


We check each bundle for tangles, color matching, hair length, and textured finish.

The hair is washed and treated with natural coconut conditioners.

We then weigh and separate them into final extension bundles.

We manufacture the hair extension bundles by weight (110 grams) and not by the number of strands.

Blond hair weighs less than dark brown hair, so the volume of blond bundles are larger than the darker hair colors.


Inspection of the Hair Parameters:


Final Wet Tangle test, Natural color matching, Wet combing, Dry brushing, and removal of discolored or grey hairs.

The hair must not have any snags, breakage when wet or dry, stretching, crinkles or frizzing and contain any split ends.

100% Remy Hair (Direct Human Hair Manufacturer and Suppliers)


100% Human Remy Hair, from the origins of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Burma. “We stand by all of our hair products.”

To clarify, all our products use 100% Virgin Remy Hair which naturally results in outstanding products.

There are many reasons why people use the phrase “Remy Hair” as it frequently makes a marketing tool, for instance, to sell you inferior nonhuman hair. We conduct extensive research which results in our beautiful hair products.

To conclude, our hair is not only 100% Remy but also fumigated to eliminate any potential viruses or health hazards and without a doubt illustrate our commitment to stay ahead of the game.


Hair Cleaning And Sorting


Malaysia Hair Imports washes, wet tangle tests, dries, and then sorts all the hair into varying groups by texture, length, natural color, and lusters.


Inspection Parameters:


1. Wet tangle tests,
2. Separation of hairs with excessive split ends and frizz.
3. Selection of the healthiest and strongest hair for custom colors like light blonds.

Quality Control Test:

We use a micrometer to measure the denier of the hair strands so it falls into the acceptable measurements of 48-55 microns at the point of 10″ from roots.


Hackling or Blending

A Single donor batch of hair texture may contain 120-150 grams of hair that we hackle and blend to create uniformity.


Can you Visit Malaysia Hair Imports Factory?


Our factory is open to our hair wholesalers, hair vendors, and hair clients who have a history in doing business with us.

We only accept wholesale customers by appointment.

All pictures and videos must be approved by the director of Malaysia Hair Imports exports Co LTD in our factory, retail locations, and showrooms.

Our showroom is open to the public in Bangkok Thailand and no appointment is necessary for a private viewing.

Please see hair extensions FAQ or contact us for further information.

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