Our Hair Specialists


Our Hair Specialists

Malaysia Hair Imports has worked for years in the Southeast Asia hair industry and is considered one of the top companies within the hair extension industry. They are headquartered in the USA, but are an international company with great clients in more than twenty different countries. We have built such a strong customer base due to our high standards and the promise of 100% virgin human hair extensions. We offer the best hair extensions from the best donors possible at prices that are made to be affordable for everyone.

In addition to keeping prices low for our cherished customers, we also have business solutions for entrepreneurs and beauty professionals that can help any company increase profit and revenue. We strongly encourage any business or saloon to approach us about bulk orders of hair extensions or similar hair products. We have many different customizable solutions that will make a partnership work out positively for both of us.

Not only do we offer top hair products and great pricing for businesses and individuals, we also have a great customer service team. We delight in helping our customers get the look they want or the bulk orders they need. Our customer service team is willing to work with you until you get the product you need. We believe in customization and almost all of our hair extensions are available in a customizable version.

We source all of our hair extensions from Burma, Cambodia or Malaysia in order to offer a variety of textures and sheen. All of our hair extensions are made out of 100% virgin hair that is high quality, completely naturally, and we take special care to make sure that every cuticle of every strand of hair remains intact. This is vital since intact cuticles help preserve the health of the hair and prevent it from dying out. Instead, the hair will maintain its natural luxurious sheen for many days of wear.

In order to ensure that you receive the best hair extensions possible we have rigorous quality control measures in place and tight testing to make sure that all strands match our expectations. Our high quality standards ensure that each strand has optimal moisture retention, strength, consistency, and elasticity. We are able to find such perfect hair because we have built long term relationships with village leaders in areas where we source hair. In these areas we send out expert representatives to hand select and process the hair that we harvest.

Unlike many other firms that outsource their supply chain, we are actually involved in the complete process of harvesting to selling hair extensions. We are involved the day it is purchased from the donor, the day it is cleaned, the day it is sorted, and then finally the day it is bought and sold to you. This means that you benefit from our expert experience with hair extensions at every stage of the process.

We own a hair factory that is centrally located in Southeast Asia within Bangkok Thailand that then the finished products in the US. Our business model is designed to help individuals, businesses, and beauty professionals get high quality hair extensions at a price they can afford. We are able to offer great pricing solutions because we do not have additional overhead or any middle men involved in our sourcing process. When you buy our hair extensions, you buy 100% natural hair that has been hand selected to be the finest in the land.