Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair 

For those who are just starting to take a look at the world of hair extensions it can be exciting but confusing. Most people wonder about the hair that is used in hair extensions and where it comes from. At Malaysia Hair Imports we use only 100% donor virgin hair. This is how we ensure it is high quality and completely natural looking once you install it in your own hair. One of our most popular choices of hair extensions is made out of Malaysian hair. Malaysian hair extensions have their own special properties that make them a great choice for a large majority of people.


One of the benefits of using Malaysian hair extensions is that they are so natural that they will simply blend into your hair. Even you will not be able to tell where your hair starts and the extension starts after a few days of use. The real charm of using Malaysian hair extensions is that you can style and trim virgin hair extensions the same way you would your own hair. You can curl, flatten, weave, straighten, relax, and wash and shampoo your hair extensions without damaging them at all.


Malaysian hair is known for being a great choice for woman of all ethnicities because it is flattering and easily colored or styled to fit whatever texture you have in mind. It is very versatile that you can style it into just about anything. It comes in an off black and dark brown shade, but since there are some variations that naturally occur in light there can be slight color differences in a bundle. This usually just helps make the hair extension bundle look even more natural as your own hair likely has variations of color in it as well. As mentioned however, you can color the hair if you like.

 Malaysian Hair Origin

Most Malaysian hair is heavier, fuller, and thicker than Indian hair. Therefore, if you are seeking hair extensions to help get more volume so that you can pull off a trendy new hairstyle it is an excellent choice. When it is wet it has a natural wave that will always return once you wash the hair so that you can play with straight and wavy trendy hairstyles. African American relaxed hair tends to look quite natural next to Malaysian hair although it can be used with any hair type with great success.


We only use the highest quality and best virgin hair extensions and take special care to source our hair directly from donors. Although our headquarters is in America we have branches in Malaysia that collect the hair and send it back. This ensures that we only gather hair from donors that is completely unprocessed human hair. None of the hair has been altered in any way by harsh washes, dyes, perms, bleaches or any other type of processing. You will never find a synthetic fiber in our hair extensions because we make it a point to only offer 100% human hair so that your trendy hairstyle is perfect.