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 Virgin Hair Extension

When shopping for virgin hair extensions, certain terms can be confusing for most people. Terms like human hair, virgin hair and the general fiber for different hair extensions. So what exactly is virgin hair? Virgin hair refers to completely unprocessed human hair or that which is intact which is collected from a single donor. For hair to qualify as virgin hair, it must meet some rigorous standards that include; not chemically processed in any way, not been permed, colored, bleached or dyed. It should come from a single donor, and all the cuticles are intact and running in the same direction. It also means that such hair has not been exposed to harsh agents.

Virgin hair can come from any person, but some of the most popular ones come from Malaysia, Brazil, India, Russia and other European and Asian countries. Virgin hair adorns some of the biggest movie stars, musicians, media people.

Uses of virgin hair

Virgin hair is mostly used to make the highest quality hair extensions, lace front wigs, closure pieces among other quality hair weaves.

Virgin hair harvesting

Virgin hair is the exact hair on the donor’s head prior to harvesting. The harvesting process is done carefully adding the premium value of the virgin hair. When the hair is collected, it is often tied in a ponytail and then removed to ensure that the cuticles remain intact. Chemical processing or excessive brushing tends to damage the cuticles.

Some common types of virgin hair

Cambodian Hair: This is the ultimate multipurpose hair. It is very soft and light in weight with a coarser texture compared to Indian and Brazilian. It has a low to medium luster and blends well with African- American relaxed hair and medium Caucasian hair textures.

Burmese Hair: 

It is very soft, durable and thicker. It blends well with Caucasian and African-American relaxed hair. Cambodian virgin hair a low to medium luster and it less likely to frizz out. It also holds curls longer and is extremely versatile.


Indian Hair:

Indian hair is popular virgin hair in the market. It has a finer and silkier texture compared to others in the market. It has a low to medium luster.

Malaysian Hair:

It is the highly sought after texture with a low to medium luster.

Malaysian virgin hair, in particular, is soaring in popularity and has become a hit among most celebrities. You probably have ever noticed that sleek and luxurious look on these stars. In most cases this is Malaysian hair at its best.

Similar to other hair like Burmese and Indian but hair imported from Malaysia has such a clear luster and shine. It is great for holding curls and wavy styles without the need for additional products.

This hair has different color range from off black to very dark with some lighter colors that are not so common but simply amazing.

Such virgin hair blends extremely well with African American hair and is less likely to frizz up at the slightest humidity. Given its popularity, versatility, and luster, Malaysian virgin hair surely deserves its place on the list of the best virgin hair choices in the world.

There is no better product for hair extensions than virgin hair. It lasts for long if it is cared for properly. Virgin hair is more durable and versatile. It can be colored just like your natural hair to suit your desired look. Each bundle of virgin hair has a different texture, pattern, and hair color from the other. It is always advisable to go for only the highest quality, long lasting virgin hair to help you achieve your desired look.