Care For Virgin Hair

 Care For Virgin Hair 

Virgin hair extensions have become a status and fashion symbol in themselves due to their luxurious and beautiful nature. These extensions have become increasingly popular because of the exceptional styles and looks that one can obtain from them and their longevity. Virgin hair extensions last substantially longer than other extensions offering ladies a cost effective hair solutions and a wise beauty investment.

However, although they are certainly worth it, virgin hair extensions require an exceptional care regime and should be treated as a beauty investment for you to get the most out of them. With proper care and maintenance, you can wear them for a year or more while still looking neat and well kept.

There are three phases involved in caring for your virgin hair extensions.

Pre-install phase

This is the period before you have your hair extension installed.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your wefts are sealed on both sides. Sealing them will keep your extension from shedding. Every woman knows how embarrassing it can be to wear a shedding weave. After your weft sealant ha dried, co-wash your extension with a hair conditioner. Do not use a shampoo since shampooing virgin hair extensions will leave them dry and dull.

Actual install phase

Some of the important things to note here is that you should not cut your hair extensions. Cutting them will make them shed even if you applied a weft sealer. You need to flip your hair wefts and leave your them intact.

It is advisable not to use bonding or glue at all if possible. The process used to remove the glue from the hair tracts tends to weaken the tracks, and this can result in shedding.

The third phase is the fun part; rocking that fabulous hair

You need to know that your hair extension is not attached to your scalp and hence, it does not benefit from the natural oils produced by your scalp. For it to stay soft and shiny, your extension needs to be moisturized

Avoid using hair grease since it does not dry and will make your extension to matte and beard.

Regularly wash, condition and apply leave-in conditioners. In case you are unsure of the products or technique to use, consult a hair professional.

Always brush you hair extension before washing to ensure there are no natural tangles

Never sleep with wet hair and avoid brushing wet hair since that is when the hair follicles are most vulnerable.

Alcohol, silicon and sulfate free hair products are more recommended

Wash the hair gently in a gentle motion and avoid scrubbing the hair together to avoid causing friction against open cuticles

Use cold water to rinse (also known as Arctic rinse) to close the cuticles and lock the moisture and nutrients in making your extension nutrient rich.

Apply small amounts of natural oils when required. Argan Oil Moisture is an ideal finishing oil for frizzy nights out.

Avoid subjecting your hair extension to very high temperatures

Gently comb your hair from the bottom up


Weather changes, your exercise routine, pollution and how you style your hair can have an impact on your hair extension.


How do you wear your hair to bed?

This is not easy for most ladies, but you need to tie your hair up to bed. Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb and sleep in a silk or satin hair bonnet or scarf. Bendable rollers are also perfect to help maintain your waves without using heat. You can roll the hair at night.

Once you follow these simple steps, you will protect your hair extension and enjoy you virgin hair extension for the longest period. Take care of your hair extension. Care and proper maintenance is all they need to have that healthy and glossy look.