Hair Quantity Guide

Hair Quantity Guide:

You might be wondering how much hair you need to buy to get that thick, luscious hair or add natural highlights and thickness to change your style temporarily. It is very essential to consider the amount of hair you need to install before purchasing your virgin hair extensions for that natural-looking effect. Once you are familiar with the different types of virgin hair extensions and are comfortable with an extension that is right for you, you can assess how much hair you need based on your own hair type and your desired look.

One important thing you need to know about virgin hair extensions, is that the quantity of each pack of hair is measured by its weight. It is also important to know that Virgin hair has natural variations at the end that may cause some bundles to look thinned out at the ends, which is more preferred for more natural and pure looks.

The amount of pack or hair extension bundles that you need depends on the type of hair extension that you plan to install and how much natural hair you plan to leave out.

Desired hair length

When trying to assess how much hair you should buy, you need first to consider you desired hair length. You may purchase longer hair strands, but you need to keep in mind that longer strands have smaller widths making them thinner. If you wish to go for longer hair extensions, then you need to purchase more extension packs.

Hair Thickness

You need to consider your own hair’s natural thickness before buying your hair extension. Generally, if your natural hair is thick, then you need more bundles. If you have thin hair, you need to buy more strands or thicker hair wefts for you to get that desired look. It is advisable always to get an extra pack if you are unsure of how much you need for your safety; you would rather have a little extra than not have enough.

Strand or Weft
You need to decide whether you are considering single strand or weft hair before you determine the quantity of hair you need to buy. For weft hair, you have to consider its weight which should range between 90 to 120 grams on average based on its length. For single strands, the weight should range between 100 to 120 grams on average.

Decide whether you want a full head or partial installation: Full weaves will require more hair wefts than partial installations.

Determining the quantity of the hair you need to buy can be difficult if you do not know the basics. However, with this guide and other available extension basics, you can get a better understanding of what you need and what works best for you. Once you are comfortable with your options, ensure that you buy the finest quality hair extensions to fit your specific hair needs and desired look.

It is always advisable to go to a hair stylist first before deciding on the right texture, quantity and color of your hair extension. With so many options in the market, you need to but that hair extension that will give you an authentic and a natural look. Remember a hair style can make or break how you look. The entire goal of wearing a hair extension is to give you that desired and most natural look.