Bulk Hair Extensions


Bulk Hair Extensions:

Malaysia Hair Imports specializes in offering its customers top of the line Bulk Hair Extensions. Our Bulk Hair Extensions are perfect for clients that want to create their own hair extensions or are interested in braiding or knotting techniques. All of our Bulk Hair Extensions pass through the same level of stringent quality control inspections as any of other products so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality hair extensions possible. We pride ourselves in providing 100% virgin human hair that has been sourced from donors that maintain healthy habits that lead to healthy strong hair growth.


We own a factory in Bangkok, Thailand and source our human hair ourselves from villages in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Burma. All of the hair that we collect is carefully sorted and then carefully measured to be collected into Bulk Hair Extensions. We inspect it carefully to make sure that the cuticles stay intact throughout this process so that the Bulk Hair Extensions will look their best for a long period of time. When the cuticle is intact in hair it will not dry out and has a natural sheen and natural look. Therefore, clients will never be able to tell that hair extensions are in use.


All of the hair is carefully cleaned with organic and natural detergents and conditioners prior to packaging into Bulk Hair Extensions and is then laid out in the sun to dry so that it is not heat damaged. You will notice when examining Bulk Hair Extensions that some hair strands may be longer than others, however, this is to create a natural look and feel to the hair extensions. Hair naturally grows in slightly different lengths from the scalp so the slight variations allow the hair extensions to look much more natural.


As mentioned, our Bulk Hair Extensions are ideal for clients that want to create their own weft hair extensions. All of our Bulk Hair Extensions are a bundle of hair that does not have a weft. Many clients take the loose hair and create hair extensions to suit the needs of their own clients. Beauty saloons in particular benefit from the sale of Bulk Hair Extensions. They are also useful for those that need hair extensions for braiding purposes.