Fusion Hair Extensions


Fusion Hair Extensions:

For those with clients that are considering permanent hair extensions or individuals that want permanent hair extensions our Fusion Hair Extensions may be the best option. Malaysia Hair Imports is proud to offer Fusion Hair Extensions that will last without damaging the hair cuticles in any way. They generally will last for about two to three months before they need reinstalled, and if taken care of properly can be used for a handful of installs without any issues. While installed only require the same level of care and maintenance that your regular hair would demand.


Fusion is a special bonding technique that is utilized to bond togheter individual strand hair extension directly onto a client’s hair. In order to create the strong bond between strands a hot tool is used to soften the keratin tip that is pre-applied to the hair extension. The keratin tip slowly softens so that it is able to fuse directly onto a section of your hair. Therefore, when you place an order for Fusion Hair Extensions you receive a bundle of hair that already has the keratin tip on it. From there a stylist will bond them into your hair. Since the bonding directly occurs on your hair they are considered permanent.


Most professional stylists choose to remove and reinstall Fusion Hair Extensions every two to three months in order to keep up with the natural growth of your hair so that they remain evenly and properly placed. When choosing Fusion Hair Extensions it is important to understand that there are two types of extensions.


The first type of Fusion Hair Extensions is the most common type and includes the use of a nail tip, flat tips, or v-tips in order to bond the strand to your natural hair without using any extra clips, rings, tubes, or links. As mentioned, this is the version that most stylists prefer because it is the simplest.


The second type of Fusion Hair Extensions involves the use of a shrinkable tubing technique so that the i-tip fusion extensions can be completed with the tube. The i-tip is placed into the tube and placed alongside a strand of your own natural hair. Then using a hot tool the professional stylist will apply heat at the bonding point which melts down the keratin and causes the tube to shrink placing the extensions right along your natural hair. All of our pre-bonded strands utilize 100% natural keratin in the place of glue so there is no threat of damage to your hair.