Hand Weft Hair


Hand Weft Hair 

If you are shopping for hair extensions then you have arrived at the right spot, because Malaysia Hair Imports is proudly able to offer the highest quality of hair extensions for the most affordable price online. We specialize in collecting, cleaning, and then manufacturing high end hair extensions and then deliver them to our customers at wholesale prices. We cater to businesses, hair salons, wholesalers, individual customers, saloon stylists, and more. When you purchase from us quality is a guarantee. All above is true about our Hand Weft Hair Extensions which are one of our most popular products.


Hand Weft Hair Extensions, often commonly referred to simply as hand wefted, are hair extensions that are bonded together by hand. The individual strands of hair are individually tied to each other by hand to create a secure weft. Doing it by hand results in a precise result and one that is known for its strength. All of our Hand Weft Hair Extensions are carefully stitched and then reviewed afterwards to ensure that the weft is top quality and one that will hold though various reinstalls.


It should be noted that Hand Weft Hair Extensions may be quite strong, but they tend to be thinner by the weft compared to those that are made by machines. The end result of a Hand Weft Hair Extension is that they have much less bulk than Machine Wefted Hair Extensions due to the fact that the finished weft sits closer on the scalp. Of course, this also allows them to more easily integrate with the natural hair and appear as if they are part of your natural hairline. This is one of the reasons that people enjoy using Hand Weft Hair Extensions. The less bulk the easier it is to install as well.


Due to the precision and time it takes to create Hand Weft Hair Extensions they are generally purchased for use as permanent extensions, however, they can be used if designed in a clip in hair extension or any other form of temporary hair extensions. Regardless of how they are used Malaysia Hair Imports guarantees that they will all be crafted out of 100% virgin human hair with all of the cuticles intact. This ensures that they will have a natural shine that blends right into your hair once installed.