Our Virgin Hair Origin

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Virgin Hair Origin:


Malaysia Hair Imports specializes in offering its customers exclusive 100% virgin hair. When we say virgin we mean that it has not been touched, spoiled, or altered in any way. You will not find any synthetic fibers in any of our hair extensions because they have all been carefully gathered from donors. The fact that all of our hair extensions are 100% human hair is what makes them so stunningly beautiful. With our grand virgin hair extensions you can create many trendy styles and in many cases replicate your favorite celebrities who are also using virgin hair extensions to achieve the perfect look.


We are able to offer customers three different types of single drawn virgin hair: Cambodian body wave, Malaysian Straight, and Cambodian curly human hair. Upon request we also have several other options to draw from offering you more choices of texture and luster. All of our hair extensions are made out of untouched virgin hair which means that they have not been processed in anyway. This ensures that they look as natural as possible when you receive them. The bundles each weigh about 3.5 ounces but there is some slight variation since human hair naturally varies in weight by the strand.


Our Virgin Hair Extension Origin:


Due to the fact that our hair is 100% virgin hair every bundle does have slight variations in color and appearance. Not every Cambodian or Malaysian has the same hair so there are slight differences and sometimes the textures will vary slightly. You can however color, cellophane, or semi color any of our high quality hair extensions so that you get the exact color and match that you are after. The coloring process will not change the quality or texture of the hair although we do suggest using a professional stylist for the best results.


The first hair type we offer is Malaysian virgin hair extensions which you have probably noticed if you have admired how sleek and luxurious the hair of celebrities is. It has become a very popular type of hair in the last couple of years and is continuing to become more and more popular as time goes on.


We also offer Cambodian virgin hair extensions which is a goldmine of soft and versatile hair. Cambodian hair is just now getting noticed, but it is very thick and naturally quite dark making it a great choice for those who want a versatile hair option that can be used for many different trendy hairstyles. Due to the fact it is so thick most times you don’t even need that many bundles to supplement a full head of voluminous hair.


Finally, we offer Burmese Virgin Hair extensions which is known for being incredibly glossy and silky. It can be hard to find but the hair is so gorgeous it is worth the extra time and money. It is found in small villages Myanmar where the donors have a high vitamin diet. It might be expensive, but it is known as the best hair on the globe.