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Hair Industry

Hair Industry

The extensions industry has no regulation which makes it extremely hard to ensure ethical practices worldwide. No government body in any country regulates human hair or mixed synthetic hair by rating or grading on any A scale or other scales. Here at Malaysia Hair Imports our hair is 100% Virgin Hair. we use the purest Hair in the hair industry.


In my opinion, regulation is needed. China is destroying the hair industry by providing less desirable qualities of virgin mixed hair. Although China has become the biggest retail and wholesale importer and exporter of hair extensions, India’s hair temples are the biggest non – Remy temple hair exporter to China in the world. Indian hair which is hugely misrepresented and mislabelled is actually Temple fallen hair. Temple Fallen hair is hair that has fallen to the floor and mixed up with many donors in temples, salons, and hair found in hair brushes. They take the fallen hair and acid bath it, dye it, and sell most of it to China and small Indian companies, who weft it together and sell it to the U.S and world market as 100% REMY hair.

The problem with Fallen Temple hair is:

The hair is acid bathed to strip cuticles then stretched in a high-tech machine then coated with silicone to give a smooth look then mixed with synthetic materials and graded by percentage as real human hair inside the bundle by a Chinese A Grading system. There are many problems with fallen hair since it is not from one donor and therefore a mix of different donors, however it is simple to identify fallen hair because it has a chemical smell, isn’t smooth,will not curl or die evenly, can’t take heat and will matt, melt and tangle.

Hair Extension Burn Test

Cut a strand of hair and put it on a burning flame. If it melts slowly into a ball instead of burning, smells like rubber and produces black smoke, it is not human hair. Human hair will immediately catch fire, burn nearly instantly curling into a little ball, it also smells like burning hair. Human hair burns, synthetic hair and mixed hair melts.

China Hair Extension Company

They Mix human and synthetic hair and grade it as an A by adding more human hair to their mix than synthetic hair. Currently, there is no regulation so they are able to get away with this indecent practice. You must be aware when buying from Ailexpress and Alibaba that the quality of the product offered is not 100% Human Hair.


Hair Extension Texture

Human hair tends to be softer, shinier and more durable than synthetic hair or mixed hair since it is made from actual human hair. Go ahead and feel the texture of the hair. Natural hair has each of its strands coated with scales. The hair should be smooth if you rub it down when the cuticles are aligned but resists and feels different if you rub it upward. Synthetic hair is smooth whichever way you rub it since the cuticles are in all directions and un- natural.

Hair Extension Color

Human hair has subtle changes of color and highlights, it is most likely natural. Real hair acquires color through exposure to natural light, which is quite difficult to achieve through artificial means. If a vendor asks you what un natural color hair you want, it is usually a sign that it is not real. Human hair comes in the natural color, which is either natural 1b black or number 2 Dark brown hair color. You can always dye or color it later if you want a different hair color the same as you would with real hair.

Hair Extension Price

The cost of the hair can also be a huge giveaway. If it is unrealistically cheap, even if they call it a special offer, be careful since all companies are in business to make money. If it is real, the seller will try and get the best price for it. This however does not mean that you go for overpriced hair. Please do extensive research on a company that has a good reputation that sells 100% human hair and get the average cost.

Hair Wave Patterns

Straight Hair or Curled Hair, real 100% human hair will always curl up when wet, it turns to its natural state. The hair should also have motion, a ‘bounce’ to it and should not be stiff at all.


Hair Extension Tangle

Real human hair will tangle, but just a little. The longer the hair, the more likely it is to tangle especially at the back of the neck, but this should not worry you much. If the tangling is excessive, don’t worry as human hair can withstand deep treatment or conditioning to remove the tangles.


This can also happen with human hair but if it is excessive, it is not genuine. The shedding should only be limited to a few strands when you comb it through. Sealing the wefts of the weave will ensure the hair stays intact. Comb the weave with a wide tooth comb from the tips to the roots in order to reduce shedding.