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Hair Length Chart

Hair Length Chart and Variables

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Various Lengths

Every hair extension that is collected, cleaned, and then packaged and sent out to you from Malaysia Hair Imports is made out of high-quality virgin human hair. We are involved in every step of the way to make sure that you get the best hair extensions on the market.

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However, in order to ensure that you are able to get the perfect style you need to step in and consider the length of the hair extensions you will need. We gladly do custom orders for custom lengths, but first, you need to have a basic idea of what you will need or what your stylist has requested you to purchase. Curly hair extensions and straight extensions come in varying lengths for a reason, because the hair sits in a different format and therefore the measurements differ. What will appear to be one length when hair is styled straight will look completely when hair is styled curly. In the middle of these two extremes are wavy hair extensions. Therefore, it is very important to consider the style of hair that you want before you start to order your extensions. A few tips will help make it easier to order the appropriate hair extensions for your intended look.

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Straight hair will usually end up longer than our curlier extensions because when we measure the straight hair it lays completely flat. Therefore, there can be a slight variation in the lengths of curly and straight hair. It is thus important to know the texture of hair extensions that you want before you place the order.

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If you plan to buy hair extensions meant for curly hair then it is a good idea to choose one size larger than what you have in mind since it will bounce up once you add the texture to it. You also should keep in mind that curly hair extensions tend to give a heavier and thicker appearance compared to straight hair once they are put into place. Straight virgin hair extensions, on the other hand, tend to stay true to their measured length so simply order the exact length that you want. Wavy hair tends to be about an inch and a half shorter once it bounces up and curly hair tends to be three inches shorter than straight hair. If you are looking to achieve a curly hair look then we advise you to purchase two inches of additional length when getting hair extensions.