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Hair Quality vs. Price:

Over the course of time in the hair extensions business Malaysia Hair Imports has been face with various questions. The most consistent question is why are your prices so high? The question is simply answered quality. In fact the price of Malaysia Hair Imports premium hair extensions are not high. They are very competitive with our true competitors and in most cases our prices lower than our true competitors.

Unlike the 93% of hair extensions being sold in today’s market, Malaysia Hair Imports values quality over price. We tend to look at premium hair extensions as an investment. Malaysia Hair Imports knows the quality of our premium hair extensions; Burmese Cambodian and Malaysian hair are second to none. We know through collection process, weft and quality control that we offer top quality hair. Therefore when it comes to quality Malaysia Hair Imports premium hair extension are second to none.

Lets talk about price. Many customers are clearly price sensitive which is understandable. The one thing they don’t look at is their actual cost. They see price and think that’s a great deal. Let me purchase this right now. Now lets take a look at the numbers. Malaysia Hair Imports Malaysian straight. 18” X 3 totals out to $255.00 and with proper maintenance last one year six months. Virgin hair store X sells Malaysian straight 18” X 3 for $180.00 and with proper maintenance last a month. Every month the customer is spending $180.00 a month with Virgin hair store x, which has totaled out to $3,240.00 for a year and six months. A customer could have saved $2985.00 by spending the additional $175.00 on Malaysia Hair Imports Premium hair extensions. In addition the customer could have started their own premium hair extensions business with the money they would have saved with Malaysia Hair Imports. Therefore ask yourself are you really saving money by purchasing non-quality hair extensions or premium virgin hair extensions?

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