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Malaysia Hair Imports Hair Systems I an opportunity to change your life and your appearance with an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement solution that suits everyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple, undetectable, and very affordable way.


Our hair systems are high-quality hair pieces (Systems) made with 100% Remy human hair. The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially hair on the top of the head where the balding or thinning area is.This gives you the opportunity to style to your existing hair and have a worry free active lifestyle.


Our Hair Systems are not the old-fashioned types of toupees or wigs which are normally in use today. These types of hair systems are extremely easy to spot since they look completely unnatural and normally don’t follow the style or fashion of the person’s natural hair.


Our hair replacement systems have changed dramatically due to the materials used to construct them. This allows us to create a much finer and more sophisticated looking product since we use 100% natural human hair. Once it is in place and installed, it is virtually impossible to tell that the person is wearing a Hairpiece.


Comparing this with a painful hair transplant procedure, using a hair replacement system such as our provides you with an instantaneous new look. It does not matter the reason for your hair loss, which could be due to Heredity Baldness, Medical Issues, Chemotherapy and a host of other possibilities.


By using the application of our hair replacement systems, you can be assured that there are no limits when it comes to matching your own hair. Choose any color, style, density, texture, or length and your hair system will come ready styled and ready to put in place.


Our Hair replacement systems have recently gained in popularity due to the versatility , affordability and extremely natural look and feel of the product.


It really needs to be seen to be believed because there is now finally an option for you to regain your confidence and look without undergoing any painful procedures. You can even change the style/color as desired.

Please see our customer reviews below.



Advantages of our hair replacement system

  • Zero surgery
  • Lower cost
  • Great for temporary hair loss



Disadvantages of our hair replacement system

  • Hairstyles
  • Regular maintenance
  • Requires frequent cleaning



How to Identifying the perfect hair replacement system


When it comes to non-surgical hair replacement systems, you are guaranteed to receive a natural looking head of beautiful hair, kin to your own. The treatment will not impact upon your lifestyle and you will not have to take time out of work for a series of medical procedures.



In today’s busy world, you need an option that will suit you perfectly, no matter your age, gender, race or preferred style. Even those with the most active lives can take advantage of the solution offered by a hair replacement system quickly, easily and affordable. Whether you want your hair to be short or long or simply exactly as it was before you started to lose hair, this type of system can be carefully honed and tailored to provide a match that is 100% effective.



Designing and creating hair replacement systems is an art and one that is carefully practiced by Malaysia Hair Imports professionals. Whether you are totally new to hair systems or replacing an older one, by working with knowledgeable experts you will receive a product that looks real, natural and suitable for your age and coloring.



HAIR DENSITY– You will have a range of options such as freestyle (hair can be brushed in any direction), set partings, crown positioned or with certain breaks in the hairline. When it comes to looking good with hair systems, less is definitely more.



HAIR COLOUR – Your hair colors need to be a perfect match for your age, complexion and natural hair that is left. Even if you have some grey hair, this can be incorporated, complimenting your appearance rather than detracting.



HAIR TYPE – There is no doubt about it, our 100% Remy human hair always looks the most realistic but then again, synthetic hair will last forever and never fade and cheaper option on the market.



HAIR CUT – Your hair system will need to be styled but always get it cut by a professional hair-stylist. Don’t try trimming your hair system yourself as this can only end in disaster and one that cannot be remedied as the hair, once cut off, will not grow back.



What Is A Hair Replacement System?

So you’ve noticed some thinning but it’s not because of your diet. It’s your hair!

You’re not alone. 2/3 of men will experience some degree of hair loss by the age of thirty-five, and by the age of 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.


According to American Hair Loss Association approximately twenty-five percent of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach the age of twenty-one.


Hair loss isn’t just happening to men either, women make up a significant percentage of American hair loss sufferers. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women also have visible hair loss by the time they reach the age of 40.



Mens Hair Systems

Our Men’s Hair Systems use top-quality 100% human hair that looks and feels like your own natural hair. Our hair system factory in Bangkok Thailand, we have built up a significant range of men’s stock toupee base type models.


 Our men stock hair systems come in Full Lace, Thin Skin PU, Mono, Silk Top, or a combination of the base materials.  And our hair of choice is Cambodian, Malaysian, Burmese, and Thailand. The standard base size of our stock hairpieces is 5 X 7 6 X 8 7 X 9 and 8 X 10, but you can always custom order your unit also comes in different sizes.

Hair Pieces For Women

We manufacture Hair pieces For Women which are totally undetectable. Our hairpieces for women are a proven non-surgical hair replacement solution for a woman with thinning hair. Malaysia Hair Imports use a non-surgical hair replacement technology that virtually becomes a part of you.


In order to attain a perfectly natural result, we design our replacement systems for ladies that need to bridge the gap between surgical transplants and chemical/conventional hair replacements. Now, we have a real solution for any woman experiencing thinning issues with their hair.


We have the ability to completely restore a perfectly natural front hairline because we allow for age-appropriate density where the visible scalp appears normal even when the hair is parted. Not all women wear their hair down over their forehead which is why we take this into account when making our Hairpieces for Woman systems.



Wigs for Cancer Patients

Our manufacture Wigs for Cancer Patients we only use 100% Raw human Hair from Cambodian Hair, Malaysia Hair, and Burma Hair.


We use Raw hair to make the handmade caps to achieve added comfort and security to the unit and we incorporate designs that blend gauze-like, fine-grade nylon monofilament material tops with either a lace front monofilament hairline feature or a polyurethane rim design at the front hairline.


Additionally, small no-slip silicone patches are added to the monofilament top to prevent slippage. We put a two-sided toupee tape in these areas so wig wearers can achieve maximum comfort and security.


We design this as a medical wig which uses French lace at the front and top for a natural look and Stretch mesh at the crown and back for comfort and adjustability.

Anti-slip silicon at the nape helps the wig stay in the right position at all times.


Hair Replacement Systems Conceal Thinning Areas of the Scalp

So what can be done if you’re suffering with one of the many causes of hair loss such as Male Pattern BaldnessAndrogenetic AlopeciaTelogen EffluviumAnagen EffluviumAlopecia AreataTraction AlopeciaTrichotillomania and Chemotherapy related hair loss?


The hair replacement experts at Suisse Natural Hair Salon offer a simple solution, it’s called a hair replacement system and it works to conceal all of the above-mentioned causes of hair loss.



What is a hair replacement system exactly? It’s exactly what it says it is, it’s a “system” that “replaces the hair you’re missing”. And how does a hair replacement system work to conceal hair loss? It works by strategically attaching new hairs to the hair you’ll never lose.




What does that mean? In most cases of hair loss in both men and women, not all the hair is lost. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but again in most cases there’s only a certain area of the scalp that loses hair.


A hair transplant surgery can replace hair in a bald spot, but it cannot avoid the hair loss in the future, and it costs lots of money. If you choose a hair replacement system, you won’t worry about the future thinning or more hair loss.



Hair replacement system has evolved far beyond the wigs of the past. Today’s hair systems are so artistically and technologically advanced, they are virtually undetectable. The old wigs with unnatural front lines, unmatched color and density will embarrass you front of people. However, the high quality hair replacement system which is fully customized to individual, made of human hair and a super-fine, breathable base, will be indistinguishable from you own. In addition, choose the high-quality adhesive and attachment will avoid any noticeable wear and tear on your hair system.



If you do not want anybody to notice your hair loss situation, then you should address it sooner rather than later. Going from sparse hair to a full head overnight is just like you are telling people that you are wearing something.



High-quality hair replacement system can bear any cut, color or style. If you want to try different colors or hairstyles, you can work with your stylist to create different hair system you desire. If you want to stick with one to maintain your ‘appearance’, that will be great as well.



If you choose to wear a hair system, you must want it to be as realistic and as natural as possible. Don’t worry, your hair replacement stylist will strive to make your hair system as age appropriate as you desire, matching it to your own hair color. For men, thinning the amount of hair to match your own hair situation may also be appropriate as you age.



Of course you can! You can swim, shower or play sports while wearing a hair system. As long as you follow the advice you’ll be given, you won’t damage it.


Well, this will depend on many factors, such as your attachment method, the product you choose, how long of a holding time you prefer and how your body reacts to the adhesive. Generally, every person will be able to achieve a different hold time. Each person produces different body chemistry such as scalp oil, perspiration or itching. Someone who is more active in sports could have a shorter hold time because the salts, oil, and bacteria released during perspiration will have a great influence on adhesive. In addition, someone who has oily skin needs to remove his/her system frequently.




It is easy to understand that a custom made hair system is uniquely designed to fit individual’s head, and it is created ‘strand by strand’ matching individual’s exact hair density, hairline and color. As each person had his/her own unique hair loss pattern and head shape, a custom made hair system can create a more natural undetectable appearance. A stock hair system is bought ‘off the shelf’, but it will need be cut to size, shortening the expected lifespan of the hair system and you will not have the various choices that a custom made system offers. A custom made hair system usually takes several weeks to make, so you’d better make the order in advance, as for the stock hair system, you can get it as soon as you made the order.







Cambodian Hair

Cambodian Hair Extensions are one of the best 100% REMY HAIR extensions on the market today. Malaysia hair Imports Raw Virgin hair that is Unprocessed 100% Human Hair with all cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. Our Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles have a natural textured curved volume and nice thickness to the hair bundles.

Hair textures are easy to maintain and therefore last a very long time with the proper care and conditioners. Our extensions are tangle and matte-free, which means you can spend more time living your life without all of the hassles that come with many other hair extensions. You can style the hair extensions into any style because our hair is 100% Remy hair from a single donor. Your method of hairstyle is not limited at all when you use these gorgeous hair extensions.



Our Raw Cambodian hair extensions are the best due to their coarseness, silkiness, and lightweight textures that blend well with all types of hair types. The raw coarseness of this hair makes it perfect for blending with natural African American hair.  Each of our bundles is collected from a single donor. Guarantees the longevity of our raw Cambodian hair by preventing any tangling and matting.  The cuticles are aligned and flow in one direction and Imported ethically directly from Cambodian hair donors. Our textures are not manipulated in any way to create uniform patterns and textures. Each bundle remains in its natural state and is unprocessed.


Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair hands down some of the most natural-looking wefts on the market today. They have a full texture from the root to the tip of the extensions and use tapered ends which mimic the natural hair growth used in our Malaysian Hair bundles with closure.

We do not offer double drawn or fallen hair due to our strict quality control, hygiene, and manufacturing procedures We only use natural Straight unprocessed hair to manufacture our hair extensions. We guarantee that we make one of the best human hair extensions you will ever try!


Weft extensions can be used to make thick full and beautiful natural looking sew-ins, and wigs.  The hair will always revert to its natural state and pattern when washed using natural shampoo and conditioners.

We only use 100% RAW HUMAN HAIR collected from single donors and therefore the hair will vary from bundle to bundle but when styled, each Raw Hair Weft will blend seamlessly to your natural hair and natural color.


Our 100% Human natural Malaysian hair extensions are not chemically treated in any way. We take pride in our etically donor hair and hope all our clients do so as well.  Unlike most large companies we control our hair quality.


Burmese Hair

Our 100% Raw Burmese Hair Extensions are one of the rarest Remy Hair Extensions on the market today. Malaysia hair Imports the best quality Burmese hair and which is Raw Unprocessed 100% Human Hair with all cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. Our Burmese Straight, Wavy, and Burmese Curly hair have a natural gorgeous volume and thickness too it.




The Burmese hair textures we offer are very easy to maintain and therefore last a very long time with the proper care using natural shampoos and conditioners. Our human extensions are tangle and matte-free, which means you can spend more time living your life without all of the hassles that come with many hair extensions. You can style our Burmese hair extensions into any style because our hair is 100% Remy from one donor, single drawn. You can design and be very creative with these gorgeous hair extensions.


Made In Thailand

2015 we committed to creating and making 100% Human hair extensions in Bangkok, Thailand. This involved taking complete control over the hair source, coloring, and making of the hair extensions, Wigs, and MEN’S HAIR SYSTEMS.  Through this process, we have locale hair donors and villages to procure an ethical 100% human Hair. Taking control of manufacturing and production was a big risk for us as we had to source and train highly skilled staff our team consists of L’Oreal Professional color specialists who are degree trained and understand how hair color works with real human hair. We are very proud of what we achieved and we hope that is reflected in the videos and images you see of our hair products.

 We custom and hand make all of our hair extensions and wigs with acute attention to detail using only the best resources. We can say that with confidence that our hair products are of the highest quality.

 We have re-evaluated the human hair market, supply chain, and productions, and we as a company want the most ethical human hair to make and supply our human hair products across the world. You will see that our hair extensions and wigs are limited to Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian & Burmese Hair, this is because we can guarantee the authenticity and ethical practices of the hair donors and villages we work within these countries and as a result, we do not work with Chinese and Indian hair factories or suppliers. 

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