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Non-Surgical Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

Malaysia Hair Imports Hairpieces for Women is totally undetectable, proven non-surgical hair replacement solution for thinning hair in women. Women’s Hair Systems is a non-surgical hair replacement technology that virtually becomes a part of you, in attaining a perfectly natural result. are hair replacement system designed especially for women that have successfully bridged the gap between surgical transplants, chemicals, and conventional hair replacement.

Now there is a real solution for any woman experiencing thinning hair and female hair loss. offering the ability to completely restore a perfectly natural front hairline, age-appropriate density, where the scalp appears normal and visible when the hair is parted, with an uninterrupted scalp.

Any Color. Any Style. Perfect Natural Results.

Not all women want to wear their hair down over their forehead. offers a completely natural appearing front hairline with age-appropriate density, where the scalp appears normal and visible when the hair is parted. That is, no perceptible change in coloration, appearance or feel between the original hair and scalp and the new hair that has been added.

Your custom hair replacement for women is made with 100% natural human hair which has been matched to the exact color, texture, curl and style of your own natural growing hair. Your added hair is integrated perfectly and feels just like your own natural hair.

Malaysia Hair Imports’ capability to replace hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a totally natural front hairline makes it ideal for women suffering from androgenetic alopecia, as well as burn and scar survivors and those who suffer from varying degrees of alopecia areata and medically related female hair loss.

Restore Your Hair. Restore Your Life.

Unlike chemicals or surgery, Women’s Hair Systems guarantees a significant increase in overall hair density, while allowing you to style and color your hair the way you’ve always wanted. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are a state-of-the-art women’s hair loss solution that goes with you wherever you go, just like your own hair. Made from 100% natural human hair, hair replacement systems are feather light, cool, breathable, and look totally natural even to the most probing eye or touch.

Malaysia Hair Imports provides a virtually seamless transition between your own hair and your added hair and is capable of replacing hair in any area of the scalp, recreating a totally natural hairline and look. It is ideal for women suffering from female pattern baldness, alopecia, and trichotillomania, as well as burn and scar survivors.


Malaysia hair Imports Hairpieces For Women Hair Replacements systems can also be used to augment and provide additional hair density for women who have had hair transplant procedures and are looking for additional density.


Quality Hair Matters


We hold such high standards with our hair because we want you to look your best and be a loyal customer in our hair and you deserve it. With proper care, your hair will be reusable for years to come. 

Why You Should Choose Our Company And Our Hair Systems?

Hair Quality 

All Hair Systems offered by Malaysia Hair Imports is sourced strictly from Cambodian, Malaysian and Burmese hair donor. We guarantee the quality of the 100% Virgin single drawn Hair systems we offer the best hair quality we stand by our brand and the hair product we make.

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Yes, our hair is 100% natural human hair, you can dye, bleach or restyle to it.

however, frequently dye or perm will do harm on the hair, even destroy it, please do not try to do it so frequently. and don’t remember to nutrition the hair with good quality hair conditioner.

Professional Stylist Recommended 

You can return or get a full refund of your order in within 7 days you receive signed for your order, the hair in its original state and not unbundled by the original ties. 

If there’re quality problems, please contact us and provide to take videos and pictures when you open the package and examine the quality carefully.

We highly recommend that you do not make any hair appointments until your hair has been delivered. During sales and promos, order processing times will be higher and take additional processing times. 

Special requests such as color/or special textures in the order notes will fall into the additional processing times category. 

We highly recommend all new customers review our complete shipping & payments policy prior to ordering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

We’re here to help! Whether you have a question about your order or want to find the right hair extension, hairpiece, and wigs for you, our hair specialists are ready to help. 

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  1. Odette Nwoke

    Very grate quality , virgin human hair 100%

  2. Rhi D

    I am so happy with these extensions. Excellent quality

  3. Jody John

    Hair is Amazing! Client loved the thickness and quality of hair

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