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Choosing the right Hair Texture

Choosing the right texture for your HAIR EXTENSIONS can have a big impact on loving your new look. While the blending process of the hair extension process will usually help your hair extensions blend with your current hair, choosing the right texture can help make the styling process easier and more flawless.

Hair Texture

There are many Names and hair texture used in the hair industry today Virgin Hair, Remy Hair or Non-Remy Hair, Human Hair, Mixed Hair, Temple Hair, Fallen Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Cambodian hair, Mongolian Hair, Burmese hair, Russian hair, Pilipino Hair.


But the truth is, it’s easy to tell where your hair extensions come from, and there are plenty of manufacturers who are deliberately misleading about where they source their hair from. Now, the market is flooded with so many different hair extensions names and company’s naming their hair origins from different countries.


Types of Hair Texture for Hair Weaves on the hair market today.


Synthetic Hair


With Chinese technological hair advances, synthetic hair has come a long way in recent years. In some cases it is difficult to tell the difference — the density and texture are such that they feel almost like human hair.

As a matter of fact, with some of the higher quality synthetic pieces, you would never know they were not natural human hair if you didn’t have the human hair right next to it to compare!

The most appealing aspect of synthetic hair is it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. The fiber used has “memory” for wave, curl, and volume which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort — the curl pattern is permanently set. It can even hold up in bad weather and can guarantee no drooping or frizzing.

However, what synthetic hair offers in ease, it lacks in versatility. It cannot be styled to look in many different ways like its human hair counterparts. Only special Heat Friendly synthetic hair is heat styleable to change the curl pattern.

Keep in mind, even the heat friendly fiber can be difficult to style as synthetic fiber is more resistant to change. Synthetic hair is also less durable than a human hair. With proper care, you can expect synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces to last about 4-6 months – heat-friendly synthetic hair 2- 3 months.

It is important to follow our care recommendations in order to get the optimal life span from your hair!


Human Hair

Our human hair offers the most natural look and feel. And while they can be the more expensive pick, with the proper care, they are also more durable. Human Hair Extensions and Human hair wigs can last between 1 and 3 years. They are remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. 

There are generally four basic types of human hair used in our wigs and hair extensions: Cambodian Hair, Burmese Hair, Thai Hair, and Malaysian. The majority of our wigs are made from Asian hair. Cambodian hair has a thicker denier (unit of fineness) which results in the hair being extremely straight, Curly, and Wavy. It is a bit more resistant to curl and can therefore be harder to style.

Burmese, Malaysian, and Thai hair is found in greater supply and is less costly — it can often be found in ethnic style wigs. Malaysian hair has thinner denier close to that of European hair but with a bit more texture. Burmese hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to its increasingly limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive.

The origin of the hair is not the only factor, however. The wefting technique is directly related to the strength and quality of the end-product. The shampoo needed, to sanitize and condition is very strong and can affect the integrity of the hair depending on the method used. When a higher quality of Shampoo, and Conditioners and a more artful approach to be used, the results are a higher quality hair product and thus higher price.

Remy human hair is considered a premium option. Hair follicles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the wig or hairpiece. With cuticles all running in the same direction, tangling is greatly reduced and hair looks and feels silkier. Beware imposters with the suspiciously low-priced product.

It is extremely important to use care products specifically formulated for human hair products. Also, keep in mind that hair extensions and human hair wigs do not benefit from naturally occurring oils from the scalp. It is important to hydrate and condition hair daily.

Our Human hair wigs are by far the superior choice if the hair quality is the only factor. Other than price, the main drawback to human hair is required maintenance — as with natural hair, it requires effort.

For many, daily styling is actually preferable as it allows for more control over the appearance as well as a sense of normalcy that can come with the daily hair styling ritual. Keep in mind that human hair does not come out of the box ready to wear. You may choose to have it customized by a professional stylist to get exactly the look you like.




Sew in Weaves

This type of hair weave is generally done at a salon because it takes a long time and requires a lot of skill to be able to do correctly and neatly. A very skilled stylist can take anywhere from 3-4 hours to complete this type of weave.

Once they are attached, sew-in weaves are very low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of upkeep, which is one reason that they are such a popular option. Both real human hair and synthetic hair can be used with this type of weave. After hair braiding very small braids tightly against the head, the stylist is then able to sew the hair into the braids, for a very natural look.

Generally, this type of weave will last around three months before it has to be taken out due to the growth of natural hair. One reason so many people opt for this type of weave is that they appear very natural and will stay in place, even when you are participating in activities such as running or dancing.

Maintaining this kind of weave is very easy, as the hair only needs to be washed every week and a half. While it is tempting to wash the hair more often, doing so can actually cause the weave to not last as long. Chlorine in pools can be very damaging to this type of weave, and since this type of weave is prone to tangling, regular brushing is important to keep the hair from being irreversibly tangled and damaged.


Fusion hair extensions

This type of hair extensions involves fusing the extensions to the natural hair and requires the stylist to be very skilled, as the extensions will be attached one strand at a time. This is a very permanent type of hair extension, and the results will generally last from three to six months, as long as the hair is cared for properly.

Because there are no braids, wefts, tracks, or nets with this kind of weave, the hair not only looks very natural but feels it as well. You can run your hand through your hair with this type of weave without worrying about damaging the weave or shortening the time that your weave will last.

Cold fusion weaves rely on an ultrasound device as well as a keratin-based polymer to attach the human hair to the end of your strands. This technique is fairly new and is very gentle to your natural hair, which will decrease the amount of damage that is caused when you have your weave put in. This type of weave generally feels much more natural, as well.

Hot fusion weaves use a connector that will bond hair to the root of the natural hair. This can last up to six months, as long as the hair is cared for properly and is generally the best option for people who have very thick and strong hair. Since the glue and the weave will add weight to the head and pull at the root of the natural hair, this type of extensions is not ideal for people who have thin or weak hair.


Glue in Weave Extensions

Glue in weaves is very popular among people who want to be able to do their own weave at home because with a little practice and the right tools, you can easily improve the appearance of your hair using this type of weave.

One problem that most people encounter when they opt for this type of weave is that the glue is generally very damaging to the hair. This does not mean that you can not have glue-in weaves, but it does require a little extra care and work to ensure that there are not any problems with hair breaking or being damaged from the glue.

When applied properly, glue in weaves are a fast and easy way to increase the volume and length of your hair, but it is important that you choose high-quality tracks and glue them correctly. If the glue is placed on the natural hair then it can cause the strands to break very easily and quickly.

If you do choose to glue in your own weaves, then you need to make sure that you understand how to separate the hair, that you choose the right color glue, and that you do not apply too much glue to the track as doing so can cause a huge mess that is very difficult to clean up.

This technique for applying a weave has a number of fans because of how quickly the hair can be applied, but since these weaves do not last more than one to two weeks, they are not a long-term commitment. You will have to redo your weave on a regular basis if you opt for this type.


Interlocking Weaves

This is very similar to sew-in weaves, but the mini-braids, or cornrows, aren’t necessary. While this type of weave can be very difficult to put in at first, with a little practice, it does get easier. The other option is to go to a stylist who is able to quickly and efficiently put in your new hair weave so that you don’t have to worry about how to attach it to your hair.

For the most natural look, you will want to go to a hairstylist who has a lot of experience with this type of weave and will be able to help the hair blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

Rather than braiding cornrows close to the head, which will allow you to then sew the weave into the braid when you opt for an interlocking weave you will have micro-thin weft that is carefully sewn onto loose hair. This thin weft is almost indistinguishable from the natural hair, which means that you can enjoy a very natural appearance without worrying about whether or not people can tell that you have a weave.

Additionally, this type of weave is very secure and not likely to fall out. Because there are not large wefts that have been glued to the hair or to the scalp, you can run your fingers through your hair without worrying about catching them on the weft and accidentally pulling it out.



Remy Hair is hair where all cuticles are intact and naturally aligned in
one direction from root-to-tip, which prevents matting and tangling. 


Virgin Hair is hair that is in its natural state. No chemical changes, no color, have not been processed.

Raw hair has not been steamed processed or chemically altered in any way.





 Our Hair Company does not grade our hair products since it is 100% human Raw hair. 

Hair Brands and Origins

Brazilian Hair Texture:

Is the most mislabeled hair term in the hair industry today, Brazilian girls do not cut their hair off. Brazilians are not Hindu so there is no reason to cut their hair for the hair industry.

In fact, Brazil is a leading buyer of hair extensions in the world. Instead, Chinese factory’s mislabel it as Brazillian hair in order to sell you Non-Remy hair.

Please do your research on Brazil before your next hair purchase.

In conclusion, the hair origins are false and misleading.

We only make products from 100% Human hair and use strict quality control measures.


Peruvian hair texture:

This is the same as Brazilian hair, Chinese hair factory’s rename the hair to market it as exotic hair but it is still non-Remy Virgin hair.

China collects and buys hair that falls to the ground at Indian temples at the cheapest bulk price, they treat it with acid it, process it, and mislabel it as Peruvian hair.

The name does sound good but please do research on Peru before your next hair purchase.


Mongolian hair:

Chinese hair factory’s selling this hair and brand it as Mongolian. It is Indian or Chinese Non-Remy hair,acid-washed, coated with silicone, and mislabeled as Mongolian hair.

The name does sound good but please do your research before your next hair purchase.


Russian hair:

Russian girls don’t cut their hair for the hair industry, what you get is processed blonde hair that has been treated blonde 613 colors, depending on the company you buy Blonde hair from.

Malaysia hair imports use the highest quality of 100% Remy Hair so we process the hair to a blonde color using coloring techniques. The hair remains in a very healthy state.


Indian hair:

Indian people donate 99% of their hair to their God at the Hindu Temples. The people cut their hair in a temple for religious purposes. They gather this hair in bags and sell it at an Indian auction house to Indian registered company’s.

98% of this hair is sold to Chinese hair company’s, then smuggled across the borders to avoid duty and customs fees. This hair is very bad in its raw state since it comes from the ground at Indian temples and therefore unhealthy.


Chinese hair:

Today China is one of the biggest exporters and importers of human hair. They don’t brand the hair as Chinese because they know it will hurt the sales and brand of their company.



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Cambodian Hair

Cambodian Hair Extensions are one of the best 100% REMY HAIR extensions on the market today. Malaysia hair Imports Raw Virgin hair that is Unprocessed 100% Human Hair with all cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. Our Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles have a natural textured curved volume and nice thickness to the hair bundles.

Hair textures are easy to maintain and therefore last a very long time with the proper care and conditioners. Our extensions are tangle and matte-free, which means you can spend more time living your life without all of the hassles that come with many other hair extensions. You can style the hair extensions into any style because our hair is 100% Remy hair from a single donor. Your method of hairstyle is not limited at all when you use these gorgeous hair extensions.



Our Raw Cambodian hair extensions are the best due to their coarseness, silkiness, and lightweight textures that blend well with all types of hair types. The raw coarseness of this hair makes it perfect for blending with natural African American hair.  Each of our bundles is collected from a single donor. Guarantees the longevity of our raw Cambodian hair by preventing any tangling and matting.  The cuticles are aligned and flow in one direction and Imported ethically directly from Cambodian hair donors. Our textures are not manipulated in any way to create uniform patterns and textures. Each bundle remains in its natural state and is unprocessed.


Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair hands down some of the most natural-looking wefts on the market today. They have a full texture from the root to the tip of the extensions and use tapered ends which mimic the natural hair growth used in our Malaysian Hair bundles with closure.

We do not offer double drawn or fallen hair due to our strict quality control, hygiene, and manufacturing procedures We only use natural Straight unprocessed hair to manufacture our hair extensions. We guarantee that we make one of the best human hair extensions you will ever try!


Weft extensions can be used to make thick full and beautiful natural looking sew-ins, and wigs.  The hair will always revert to its natural state and pattern when washed using natural shampoo and conditioners.

We only use 100% RAW HUMAN HAIR collected from single donors and therefore the hair will vary from bundle to bundle but when styled, each Raw Hair Weft will blend seamlessly to your natural hair and natural color.


Our 100% Human natural Malaysian hair extensions are not chemically treated in any way. We take pride in our etically donor hair and hope all our clients do so as well.  Unlike most large companies we control our hair quality.


Burmese Hair

Our 100% Raw Burmese Hair Extensions are one of the rarest Remy Hair Extensions on the market today. Malaysia hair Imports the best quality Burmese hair and which is Raw Unprocessed 100% Human Hair with all cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. Our Burmese Straight, Wavy, and Burmese Curly hair have a natural gorgeous volume and thickness too it.




The Burmese hair textures we offer are very easy to maintain and therefore last a very long time with the proper care using natural shampoos and conditioners. Our human extensions are tangle and matte-free, which means you can spend more time living your life without all of the hassles that come with many hair extensions. You can style our Burmese hair extensions into any style because our hair is 100% Remy from one donor, single drawn. You can design and be very creative with these gorgeous hair extensions.


Made In Thailand

2015 we committed to creating and making 100% Human hair extensions in Bangkok, Thailand. This involved taking complete control over the hair source, coloring, and making of the hair extensions, Wigs, and MEN’S HAIR SYSTEMS.  Through this process, we have locale hair donors and villages to procure an ethical 100% human Hair. Taking control of manufacturing and production was a big risk for us as we had to source and train highly skilled staff our team consists of L’Oreal Professional color specialists who are degree trained and understand how hair color works with real human hair. We are very proud of what we achieved and we hope that is reflected in the videos and images you see of our hair products.

 We custom and hand make all of our hair extensions and wigs with acute attention to detail using only the best resources. We can say that with confidence that our hair products are of the highest quality.

 We have re-evaluated the human hair market, supply chain, and productions, and we as a company want the most ethical human hair to make and supply our human hair products across the world. You will see that our hair extensions and wigs are limited to Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian & Burmese Hair, this is because we can guarantee the authenticity and ethical practices of the hair donors and villages we work within these countries and as a result, we do not work with Chinese and Indian hair factories or suppliers. 

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