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Origin and Types of Hair Extensions

There are many Names and hair texture used in the hair industry today Virgin, Remy or Non-Remy, Human Hair, Mixed Hair, Temple Hair, Fallen Hair, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Cambodian hair, Mongolian Hair, Burmese hair, Russian hair, Pilipino Hair.

But the truth is, it’s easy to tell where your hair extensions come from, and there are plenty of manufacturers who are deliberately misleading about where they source their hair from. Now, the market is flooded with so many different hair extensions names and company’s naming their hair from different countries.

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Please remember the hair industry is not regulated by any government body so company deliberately miss lead you or really don’t know their self what they sell or selling.

  • Virgin Hair:is chemically unprocessed 100% human hair, which is collected from a single donor, all Malaysia Hair Imports Hair is 100% Virgin in Raw state is you would like a custom color we can process the hair color for you at Malaysia Hair Imports.
  • Remy Hair:is the highest grade of hair, and it is 100% human hair, not synthetic, hair. “Remy” refers to human hair harvested from the scalp where the cuticle is kept pointed in the same direction in the hair bundle, all Malaysian hair imports hair is 100% Remy Hair and Remy Hair Extensions.
  • Non-Remy:hair is 100% human hair that is collected from multiple sources or donors mixed as double drawn the cuticles are intact but they flow in opposite directions. This can cause tangling and quality issues if not processed properly Malaysia Hair Imports do not recommend we do not sale double drawn hair extensions because of quality issues you will have with the hair extensions.
  • Mixed Hair:Hair that has some human hair inside the hair bundles and extensions that is mixed with synthetic strains or animal hair, Chinese factory and company sells Mixed hair on their online plate forms aliexpress and Alibaba, Malaysia hair imports do not recommend or sale mixed hair.
  • Human Hair: Hair that is 100% human but drawn by lengths of many people, not single donor meaning the hair will tangle as the cuticle not align us at Malaysia hair imports do not sell this type of human hair all of our hair is 100% Remy Single donor meaning 1 donor hair all cuticles align and attached.
  • Temple Hair:Has long been recognized as Indian hair, Hundreds of thousands of Hindu women, men, kids, cut off their hair every year to show thanks for blessings, and to receive further blessings.  They then re-grow their hair to signify new beginnings.  This is a Hindu practice that has been going on for centuries. This hair is called fallen hair because its sweep up every day at the temple, put in big bags then sold at locale auction by the kilos at a very cheap price, because it usually contaminated with head lice and lice eggs called nits and very dirty hair, so then it has to be acid bath and stripped of all cuticles
  • Fallen Hair:Is hair that is sold and gather from salon floors, temple floors, dead body, this is one of the worst hair quality that sold on the market today, cuticle will not be aligned, this hair will not last long as it will tangle and mixed with other people fallen hair put into a hair bundle.
  • Synthetic hair:Artificial Hair with a synthetic polymer that’s like human hair It is composed of fine plastic fibers, manufactured to look like human hair. In its basic form, synthetic hair is made from low-grade acrylic that is heated and made into strands to make individual hair fibers.

Hair Brands and Real Hair Origins

Brazilian Hair:Is the most mislabeled and not true hair name on the hair industry market today, Brazilian girls will not cut their hair off, Brazilians are not Hindu, there no Hindu temples or a reason for Brazilian girls to cut their hair for the hair industry. Brazil is a leading buyer of hair extensions in the world the girls buy hair not sell their hair. This name is mislabeled and misleading from China hair factory and hair company’s selling Non-Remy, Non-Virgin China collects and buys Indian fallen hair at the cheapest bulk, acid bath and manufactory process and mislabels as Brazilian the name does sound good but please do research on Brazil before your next hair purchase.

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  • Peruvian hair:Same as Brazilian hair this name is mislabeled and misleading from China hair factory and hair company’s selling Non-Remy, Non Virgin hair China collects and buys Indian fallen hair at the cheapest bulk, acid bath, and manufactory process and mislabels as Peruvian hair the name does sound good but please do research on Peru before your next hair purchase.
  • Mongolian hair:can only be purchased from China hair factory. It’s Indian or Chinese Non-Remy hair that has been acid washed, coated with silicone, and mislabeled labeled Mongolian hair. the name does sound good but please do research on Mongolia before your next hair purchase.
  • Russian hair:Russian girls don’t cut their hair for the hair industry, what you get is processed blonde hair that has been treated blonde 613 colors, depending on the company you buy Blonde hair from if they use Remy hair or fallen hair to make the blonde. Malaysia hair imports use the highest quality of 100% Remy Hair so after we process the hair to blonde color the hair is still in a very healthy state.
  • Indian hair: 99% of the hair is donated to their god at the Hindu Temples The people in India cut their hair in a temple for religious purposes, and the hair is swept up and kept in bags to sell at an Indian auction house sold to only Indian registered company then 98% sold to Chinese’s hair company then mug led a crossed the borders to China to avoid duty and customs fees. This hair is very bad at its raw state as fallen temple hair.
  • Chinese hair:China today is the biggest exporter and importer of human, they don’t use their own name because they know it will hurt the sales and brand of their company’s so they will never label it as Chinese hair.
  • Malaysian hair: Malaysian Hair is very hard to find as they area Muslim country, Malaysia Hair Imports, Malaysian Hair comes from Thailand, Burma, Laos that we only use 100% Remy Human Straight Asian hair.
  • Cambodian hair:Is very versatile and thick, blends with every hair type one of the best hair origins of natural virgin hair.
  • Burmese hair: Is one of the best secret of hair in the hair industry very versatile virgin hair.