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Hair Weave:

If you have made up your mind to install a hair weave and do not know where to start then never worry. You are not alone; many women all over the world face the same challenge. This can be attributed to the numerous number of hair extensions in the market that bring a lot of confusion. However, don’t worry about this number; just be very cautious when choosing the type of product for your hair type. Employ these simple rules; if you have curly hair, choose a curly hair accessory, and if you have red or blonde hair, choose a colored hair extension such as Bohyme. Just ensure the hair product is compatible with the type of your hair.

Here are a few more tips to apply when choosing your hair weave;

  • 1.Asian hair extensions-they are normally smooth, more course and wide. Go for this type if you’ve got smooth, glassy, and thick textured hair. Women with thin, frizzy or curly hair will find it hard to manage this type of weave.
  • 2.Yaky hair extensions-ideal for women of color. The Caucasians can still install this hair weave
  • 3.European brand-these are ideal for women that have thin or frizzy hair. The texture of these extensions is straight and curly and therefore it suits them.
  • 4.Make use of research forums-carry out your research on the types and brands available.if you can get a stylist make your inquiries. You can also post your questions on research forums since those who post may have some helpful information for you. However, be careful on the kind of advice you receive from some stylists since some of them are only interested in getting your money. Never allow such people to sweet-talk you into installing an extension that you think is not right for you.
  • 5. Be aware of some extension installation methods that are detrimental to your health- Some installations such as fusion or weave methods may not be ideal for people who have fine hair, this is because such methods pull the hair follicle and when removed cause more damage than their value. Some other hair weaves such as wefts cause loss of hair when too tight.

It is never easy to get an ideal hair weave. They are not befitting to everyone and one has to understand that good quality weaves are expensive. They also require the right hair products so as to be in exellent condition. Furthermore, the right tools are required during installation and removal.

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